Good Morning

It is a good morning today. The sun is shining, pleasant temperatures and I have been making quite good progress, despite that the cleaning lady is here. She is almost finished and in the meanwhile I even cleaned all my windows on the front side of the apartment, so things could not be better.

I even got a visit from Roschti, the neighbour’s cat

and Shoo Shoo the other neighbour’s cat who decided to have a stretch whilst waiting for his feline goodies.

And that is really all I have time for today. Lunch is cooking – chickpeas with beef and veg. Mr. Swiss is not a fan of chickpeas, but he will have to make do. For him I could cook pasta every day and he would be happy. I will be off for my Tuesday afternoon trip to town this afternoon.

This is a short write, as I must now move on. Have a good day everyone.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. When I went out to feed the birdies this morning, there was a beautiful black and white cat — maybe a large kitten because he (she?) didn’t look full-sized. If I could have managed the stairs from the deck to the ground, I’d have gone downstairs and become better acquainted. I sometimes forget how much I love cats. I don’t have any, but that’s a practical matter, not a lack of love. Cats jump — especially kittens — and I have a house full of antique pottery. Not to mention a woods full of coyotes, fisher cats (local weasels), foxes (I hadn’t realized foxes were quite that LARGE!), and bobcats (small wildcats). All of whom will eat a kitty without a blink. With a doggy door, we couldn’t keep a cat inside and anyway, I think the Duke would go wacko. But it was great admiring that cutie and thinking maybe later we’ll find a cat — not a kitten — to adopt. Later.

    Wonderful pictures!

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    • I have never had a dog, although i would love to. Mr. Swiss family had at least 10, but his father had them for hunting. He always had one as a pet but it was always a tragedy when it had an accident apparently. Now we are too old for pets, so I enjoy the neighbours cats, that Feen call past


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