Good Morning

A rough cloudy sky this morning and just as I sat down to breakfast I heard the pitter patter of raindrops, but it was only for five minutes. It is still quite cloudy, but we can hope for better skies.

The good news is that my new fridge-freezer combination arrived and the guy fitted in in after an hour or two. He was already here at 1.00 p.m. just as we were finishing lunch. Luckily Mr. Swiss said to eat in the dining part of the living room, so we were out of the way.

Here us the finished installation, although you cannot see very much, as the fridge was made to fit the covering doors on it to match the kitchen. It has been 10 years since I got a new fridge, so a few things have been improved on. It had a few more shelves and the freezer no longer had the metal coils that would get covered with ice. It seems there is no defrosting problems more although I have no idea where the water goes. I organised it to suit my own taste as there were far too many shelves reducing the space I needed. There is no longer a dial to turn for the temperature, but it is all on a digital display. I can only say I breathed a sigh of relief when life returned to normal.

When the guy departed I decided to catch up on my midday sleep, although it was shortened as I remember I had made a bread dough and had to bake the bread. My sleep was thus reduced by an hour. Of course, I did not have to make a bread, but it was an automatic task.

Autumn really seems to be moving in and suddenly our trees have red and yellow foliage and I even have a small beginnning carpet of leaves on the ground. It is not so cold outside but getting cooler. Today I have a grocery delivery and will probably go into town this afternoon for some items that they cannot deliver. When Autumn is gone and the first days of early Winter arrive my excursions will be finished as it will be too cold for scooter rides. This year seems to have gone so fast.

And now I must go fast and move on to other chores, daily life continues. Wishing all a good day, with a last look at the apple tree, also feeling the autumn days.