Good Morning

We have a bit of a rainy season at the moment, although nothing threatening. As I am not going places it does not bother me so much and it is good for the garden. Apparently tomorrow the rain will leave us and back to pleasant autumn weather. I had a day at home yesterday taking it easy with nothing that had to be done. No. 2 son visited yesterday evening as he is doing home office this week in a nearby town. At last he could explain a little more about the new QR payment sytsem on the computer involving Fotos. It works well for me for my post office system, but I am still working on the bank system. Another new obstacle for a golden oldie to conquer, but I will get there. I refuse to give up and want to keep up with all the new developments.

In the meanwhile we are still being invaded by the odd insect This morning I discovered this one on the kitchen floor, although he has now disappeared. I think it is a crane fly, but harmless – I hope.

I am not so sure about this one, but it has also disappeared in the meanwhile. They seems to be bugs that usually enjoy the outdoor life, but as the season is changing they are searching for a nice warm safe place to survive the Winter.

I began the day by stripping the beds. The duvets and cushions have already got their new clean covers and now it is just a matter of completing the beds. Not exactly my favourite task but it has to be done and with my system should be over within half an hour, including vacuuming below the bed frames. Luckily I have no carpeting in the bedroom so no invisible dust is gathering.

I also have a bread to bake today,

Yesterday I baked a focaccia to accompany the evening cold cuts. My bread supply was running low and a focaccia is a quick solution. A few minutes to make the pastry and then just forget it for an hour or more to rise. It was all gone after the evening meal.

And now I am off to finish the beds and deal with the daily midday meal. Have a good day everyone, may the force be with you in the great words of Obi Wan Kenobi and stay on the safe side. Am now off to finish the beds.