Good Morning

Nothing new here, the sunny morning of September promising another good day in our village.

There was a plane soarting overhead winging its way to a distant country. It might have taken off from Zürich airport and was definitely on the route towards South.

Yesterday afternoon the storm clouds began to gather and we had a few claps of thunder, but the spook was over in 10 minutes and everything calmed down again. It is amazing how quickly the weather can change.

I was busy deciding what to do yesterday after my 300 zoom camera lens had given up the ghost a few days ago. It was such a useful lens for close-ups, mainly flowers and the insect world and naturally birds. At first I decided to leave it, then I began to examine the new developments in camera life. I want to stick to Nikon as it is a camera I am used to and does the job well. Shall I buy a new camera or just a lens. After examining all the possibilities I decided to replace the broken lens with a new one. It is naturally also a question of money – and of age. At the age of 75 I really did not need something new and spectacular. Mr. Swiss found I spend so little on myself and I should treat myself to a new lens. Photography can be an expensive hobby, and it is a hobby for me and not a professional job.

Life is becoming a little expensive with a new fridge as well since the old one gave up the ghost last week, but again I am also lookng forward to having a new fridge with no ageing marks and repaired plastic boxes for separating the vegetables. Mr. Swiss and I do everything 50-50 when it comes to getting new items.

The bees are still visiting, but the flowers are now getting less. I think by the end of September they will disappear from the garden. Apple time is also looming on the horizon and I have an abundance of apples to pick from the tree this year. I will have to engage No. 1 son for help.

During the summer I put my indoor plants outside to enjoy the sun and weather. Here is a kalenchoe which I have had now for at least three years and am hoping one day that it will flower again. It has developed an interesting form and now making new green leaves. It seems to live on air and needs very little water.

My older orchids are also still developing. this one has made a new shoot with roots and one day will become a new orchid I hope. There is also a new shoot coming from the middle which will probably be a new flower shoot. All I do is give it a water bath once a week and that seems to be enough.

And now I will begin my daily exciting life of cleaning, washing, cooking and a little bit of ironing, of course including the computer – the life of a golden oldie can be so exciting. Have a good Sunday. I leave you with a visitor yesterday who decided to settle down on one of my balcony chairs, the neighbour’s cat Shoo Shoo. I think she was daring me to disturb her.