RDP Saturday: Vista

When you are lucky enough to live in Switzerland in a village where you can see the alps in the Bernese Overland if it is a clear day, then of course you select a view. I took the photo from the hill where our local castle is in our village showing the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Of course I zoomed in to get all the details. Also without a camera zoom you have a good view – they are too big to ignore.

RDP Saturday: Vista

Good Morning

Nothing spectacular this morning, but I do not need more. a few disappearing cloudy wisps and the promise of a good day, actually the Swiss weather gods said it will be a good week with no rain, plenty of sun and temperatures from 25-30° during the week. What more can you wish for in September?

I went for a scooter wheelie yesterday to the local store along the road. I now always pass the new construction site for the new apartment block at the end of the estate path. At the moment it is just a big hole in the ground. Every morning at 7.30 a.m. the machine is switched on and the digging begins. The hole is getting wider and deeper. I do not even notice the noise now, although when the machine is switched off in the evening I realise how wonderfully peaceful it is again.

I eventuallly arrived at the store. It was really just a check to see that I had everything for the week-end. My online order had already been delivered in the morning. I had forgotten to order my cube of fresh yeast for the purpose of bread making, although I do not usually make any over the week-end, but begin again on Monday.

I was soon finished with my purchases and after half an hour was again on the way home. I had a few items to freeze, I always keep an eye open for the special offers. I think nearly all my groceries that I have in the freezer chest are bargains. At the moment I have a little inconvenience when freezing goods as I have to go to the basement after preparing them for the freezer as my deep freezer in the apartment is kaput. I am getting a replacement next week, but it is a bother as I have to go to the cellar each time I have something to freeze and cannot pop it quickly in my freezer in the apartment,

My morning visitor just arrived so I had to give him his snack otherwise he would be disappointed .

The Jura mountains were looking particularly good as I wheeled past on the way home. the wheat crops have now been harvested and the farmland is gradually getting ready for the Winter sleep.

I now have a few housewife chores to deal with. Unfortunately cooking does not do it by itself. Have a good week-end everyone.