Good Morning

As you can see by the sun, this photo is not as early as usual. We have some lovely clouds and a blue sky. It is cleaning lady day, so I have a different routine. She is now busy and I am taking it easy at the computer 1-2 hours later than my usual routine, but no bother. After my trials and tribulations of the past week I have decided to take it easy. I still have an injured hand and arm from my burns but it can only get better. My hand had a blister, but that is now gone and it is healing nicely. An annoyance was the bandage I had on my arm. It had been cared for by the doctor and today I should go again for a new bandage. However in the last few days the bandage I had was no longer doing its job so well. Luckily I had material myself, but the bandage was sticking to the wound and my arm was sore. Today I decided to remove the bandage, let the arm have some fresh air and it is working well. I feel better, more free to move. I even showered without binding my arm in plastic film and everything went well. I will see what the doc says this afternoon. Not only is the physical condition better, but my psychological condition. I can move again normally and do the housework. Of course I am taking care, but this morning I have been born again and the pressure has gone.

I had some visitors yesterday morning. I had not seen any birds in my garden for some time, but there must have been something interesting as they all arrived at once. Even a special bird (perhaps a chaffinch) arrived to complete the picture.

My apple tree also was showing itself from its best side so I will be busy during September getting the harvest in.

And that is all I have to say at the moment. I wish you all a good day, goodness it is already September almost. Time really flies. Enjoy the day and take care. See you on the flip side (although I cannot remember where I put the flip side).

Good Morning

Let us begin the day with the morning clouds over the Jura mountains, seen from my front garden. It is uplifting when you stop hugging the bed and take the first steps outside in the morning world. I would add it is quite a fresh morning and I am sure that the pleasant Summer mornings are now leaving us slowly but surely, However we can always hope for an Indian Summer with pleasant temperatures and sun during September.

Son No . 2 and family left yesterday, after a journey up the loacal Weissenstein mountain and a visit to the now abandoned Cellulose paper factory in nearby Attisholz. It has now been left and the areal with the old buildings transformed into a gathering point with various restaurants and decorative graffitti on the buildings.

Here is a view from above. My son made a few photos which he sent to me and they seem to automatically enter my Flickr and Google photo app. It seems to be becoming quite popular here for an excursion and I hope to go there myself on the next visit of my son.

I had a feline visitor this morning, but after picking up his treats he decided to leave.

I am sure there will be many visits during the day.

Thge bees are still arriving on their pollen hunts, and are now enjoying the sedum flowers.

Otherwise it was a normal Sunday yesterday. I had a few extra chores, such as ironing the bed linen, the duvet cover and cushion cover and I also composed my online shopping list for Tuesday delivery. I had a small drama yesterday, although it was to be expected. My 300x lens on my Nikon eventually gave up, I dropped it a few years ago and now the focus no longer works. I mainly take photos with my iPhone camera today, but am now thinking about getting a new 300x lens as I will need it for my bird closeups and other photos. In the meanwhile I can use my 200x lens but naturally not so good for closeups. Life always has these negative surprises: a lens cost more than the original camera.

And I am now on my way. I want to bake a bread and after the week-end do some organising at home. A housewife’s work is never done. Have a good week, take care and see you around later.

Good Morning

Another Sunday arrives and all is quiet. I can hear a bird now and again but nothing like a dawn chorus, even that is now waning. Yesterday was a little lively as No. 2 son and his family called past for a couple of hours in the morning. They had decided to take a day in our area where the family grew up, a family week-end. I had already stocked up on children’s chocolate so what could possibly go wrong. The grandchildren now know the routine when they take a two hour drive to see the grandparents. It was a lovely break for us all. Afterwards they departed to have lunch and take a trip up the local mountain in the gondola.

I had a lovely surprise when I saw a video of their journey up the mountain in the railway later in the day. I wish I could show it here, but this golden oldie has not yet discovered how to do it with the whats app configiuration. I actually never wanted Whats app, but in a weak moment organised it on my phone a couple of weeks ago. I suppose even we golden oldies have to go with the times. There is also something now called Twint to make online banking easier, but I have not tried that one yet.

I already had a visit from the neighbour’s cat this morning for his breakfast treats, so everything is taking its usual pattern. Of course he got his rewards and wandered off satisfied. How can you resist such pleading eyes.

We had some busy bees on my sedum again yesterday. It is one of the few plants still producing pollen to interesting them. I have had to dead head my buddleia as the flowers were now finished, although there are still a few left. I will not be making any special tasks today, but watch the world go by from the windows and porch.

I am still keeping a close eye on my sugar values after my diabetes was getting out of hand and am glad to say that it is now normalising, at least as normal as it can get. I am keeping a close eye on the readings and making a closer control. It was the higher values and feeling of permanent thirst that was disturbing.

And now to deal with the daily chores, although no stress. I will be preparing for my shower which has also got a little complicated with the bandage on my arm due to my accident with boiling water etc. etc. I wrap it in plastic foil usually used for preserving food which keeps it dry. We women really have to get inventive, but it works very well.

Have a good Sunday and relax, take it easy. I am good at giving advice, but should follow it myself as well.