Good Morning

If it was not for the Autumn change of foliage colour, we would really have some bleak dreary mornings, the rising mist from the local river engulfing everything. However, where there is a will there is a way and I usually manage to find something to brighten up the morning. It was the best night of the year. I slept well and awoke with the happy thought that although it was my usual time, I had manage an hour longer hugging the bed. What a wonderful feeling, so welcome winter time. Although the evenings are now dark already at 4-5.00 p.m. I awoke to a bright morning without having to switch on all the lights as I groped my way to the kitchen. On the way I opened the blinds and put my washing away which had dried nicely overnight on my wash stand in the apartment. Of course I could hang it in my laundry room, there is plenty of space, but I do not have so much and it dries nicely overnight in the home. No-one sees it and the job is done in a few minutes. Just a few items to iron later during the day some time.

The local bird population are now in the picture that Mrs. Angloswiss has decked the food table and they are regular visitors, usually a mixture of tits and sparrows.

And then this guy or dame arrived. They go for the big treats, the ones in the shell, but no problem for a crow.

They just wedge it in their beak and

once safely clamped it flies off with its reward. I do not know where they go afterwards, but probably in a secluded spot where they can hammer, munch and crunch to their beak’s delight. I wonder if I should invite Sir David Attenborough to record the events in my garden, although probably not interesting enough for a British nature film: a little Swiss village is not so important.

Today will be a quiet Sunday, nothing special. We have a drizzle of constant rain in the air. Nothing serious, but I am not sure if I can escape today for a wheelie. It is also good to relax at home with no stress. I spent some time this morning adjusting the clock devices on my oven and micro wave. I just had to reduce it by an hour, but easier said than done. I wonder why the instructions in the book have to be so complicated, and for me exra complicated as it is all in technical German.

I just had a visit from my Eurasien jay again, as well as two magpies, but I take their photos with my big camera, so I will have to upload them before placing them here. Two magpies also arrived. At the moment I just have the normal bird seed outside. I now reserve the peanuts and walnuts for the afternoon, as I can take photos more relaxed.

Now I am off to deal with the daily tasks with an eye on the outside for the arrival of something completely different.

I also had a visit yesterday from Joux-joux one of the local cats. I saw her walking past, after all it is now bird time for the felines.

She stopped to sharpen her claws on one of my trees and turned her head upwards, noticing there was the fluttering of appetising wings above.

And now I am gone, so have a good day, enjoy or sleep well for those in far away countries. Roschti the local cat also sends his greetings. He looked in as he was passing through. Naturally he eollected a few goodies on the way.

Good Morning

At least I managed to get some light into a dreary morning. Thanks to the nearby river we are still sitting in mist in the morning but I suppose it does have it good side with the Autumn effects. I will be glad when those misty mornings disappear and just a little sunlight would be appreciated.

And look what I saw creeping along this morning. I was quite surprised as I thought the slugs were now in the underground taking a rest after all the hard work they were doing munching my hosta leaves during the Summer. I think it was the bird food I scatter that attracted this one, as he/she was in the middle of the sparrow area.

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise when this jay suddenly appeared in the garden. We do not often see them, just now and again, but it seems that the promise of food attracted him.

They are very attractive birds with their bright blue feathers on their wings.

I was quite busy yesterday organising my online banking and post office accounts.There is now something called a qr code for money traansfer on the payment slips. You can scan it and abracadabra everything is done without having to enter endless details. I have managed to do it, more by luck than judgement, with the post, but it was still a mystery for me and Mr. Swiss with the bank. Yesterday Mr. Swiss organised his bank account with the qr code with help from our man at the bank and added the app to his iPhone. I decided to do mine as well, and it worked, although I do not make so many payments with my bank account. I decided to also put my Post office account on my iPhone and with the help from a young man with a sympathetic voice on the phone, I did it. He even praised my ability to understand everything he was telling me to do, mentioning that many younger people have more problems. It was all very logical for me and I must say fun. It is now so much easier to do my payments on the phone, although I still use my computer now and again. I just have to be careful not to lose my phone. You are never too old to learn, Mr. Swiss with his 82 years and me with my 75 years. My next problem was that I discovered the printer connection to my Windows computer was not working, although my Apple computer was OK. Mr. Swiss has now fixed that, so everything functioning in the online world of the Angloswiss family, And now time to move on.

Dinner will be boiled beef today with potato and that is already cooking. All I have to do is add the vegetables later, so no stress. In the meanwhile I wish you all a good start to the week-end.

Looks like it is now time to begin to rake the leaves together.

RDP Friday: Haunting

Almost 10 years ago they decided to extend our estate by building 3 new blocks. Of course there was a lot of commotion and noise and one day it was silent and nothing could be heard. There were a new selection of men on the building site. They were not dressed in working clothes, but day clothes and they were gathered around this object. The workers had unearthed a skull and it was not even halloween. It was a healthy skeleton as it still had all its teeth. It was said that our estate was once the place where the gallows stood. Strange is that since this was discovered there was some talk of seeing a headless ghost in some of the apartments, although it is not a great problem. It tends to walk through the walls and disappear in the ground during the day.

RDP Friday: Haunting

Good Morning

Although this is the photo for this morning, it resembles the photo from yesterday and the day before. We seem to be stuck in a misty situation in the morning and it does not really disappear until some time after midday. I have my midday sleep and when I arise in the early afternoon the sun has arrived. It only really stays for an hour or two as it already begins to get darker in the early evening. At least that will change from the next week-end with our extra hour of sleep. Some call it daylight saving, I call it at last the discovery of my lost hour of sleep in Spring.

Now that I have my birdseed supplies again, there is at least some action outside. It is a coming and going all day. The bird just pick a seed and fly off to the tree to eat it. They return again to pick another seed. They never stay for a full meal. The magpies only arrive when they are sure that no-one is watching and the crow just takes its time examining its walnut. I cannot sit all day at the window with my camera, so it is more luck than judgement with what I manage to capture.

It seems my life as a golden oldie is becoming quite uneventful. I think my trips to the stores are the only excitement I get and that will be less as the Winter approaches with its minus temperatures and snowfalls. I can be grateful for my online grocery deliveries. I had to do some careful planning for next week’s groceries as Monday will be missing for our All Souls holiday. However, I have almost completed my order and will send it off tomorrow.

So what shall I do today?

One of my jobs this morning will be to prepare this monster for lunch with my lamb sirloin steak and baked potatoes. It is a butternut squash. I quite like them and so does No. 1 son. Mr. Swiss eats it, but it is not his favourite vegetable. they are no problem to cook, I do it in my air fryer. The problem is peeling the brute. It seems to have a skin made of leather and I have to hack away at it to separate it from the inside. A colleague advised me to cook it with the skin as it separates itself from the veg during cooking with no problem. Perhaps I might try it. It would save time.

So that is my exciting morning and now to attack the apartment for something completely different. I hope your week-end will be full of action. Have a good one, enjoy it.