RDP Tuesday: Crow

Our ornithological surroundings are governed by the crows. They know what they want and as soon as I spread out a few peanuts they are there. Their vibes are tuned to food. They are my neighbours. They live in the trees surrounding our estate and now and again they make a communal flight to show that they are in charge. You hear them before you see them and they live up to their group name of a murder of crows. They even manage to carry a walnut in their beaks but they have their own method of cracking them open. Just drop it from the top of a tree and it will open up for the tasty nut inside. Crows know how to solve their problems and you do not mess with them. They never say thankyou for a tasty morsel, it is expected from us humans.

RDP Tuesday: Crow

2 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Crow

  1. I really, really dislike them. As I dislike magpies. They together ensure that not a single singing bird is in the trees any longer….. they have nasty cries and are relentless in their chase of young and younger/smaller animals than them. I would most certainly not feed them. But my darling neighbour does; so my rant has to go to you because I can’t condemn her, her being such a nice woman. One certainly doesn’t want to mess with them, you’re right about that! 😉

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    • Our crows and magpies keep theselves separate from the smaller birds. They tend to sit in the trees and dive down for food and the smaller birds feed from tbe birdhouse mainly or the ground.

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