Good Morning

Autum is slowly moving in. We still have the warm days, but mornings are cooler and as you can see the leaves are changing their colours on the trees, slowly but surely. I even saw a offer on my online store web site yesterday for bird food but it was only available in the gardening department, and not yet included in my deliveries. Mr. Swiss finds it is too early to feed then yet, but my camera is hungry for photos and the birds also of course.

Yesterday I was off to the store in town. I wanted to stock up on meat for my freezer. I like to have a reserve available as having problems with mobilitiy it is always good to be prepared. I seem to have a psychological system knowing what to keep as a food survival kit. I can always order basic needs online for delivery during the week. but I like to visit a normal butchers to choose the meat I want and not only prepacked. Winter is coming, the weather will be colder, perhaps even snow, and no longer so suitable for travelling by scooter.

There were still people meandering along the streets in town.

And there were a few musicians for entertainment.

I had a few small problems manoeuvring with my scooter. I am allowed to travel on the pedestrian zones and do not have to use the road which would be a little dangerous due to the traffic. However, the pavements can sometimes get quite crowded if suddenly delivery vans and, as yesterday, road construction companies were parking their trucks everywhere. Luckily I now have experience of where to travel, but it can get quite annoying sometimes. I just wait patiently until I am noticed by the working population with their hinderances and move to allow me to pass. It seems to be fashion to park with two wheels on the pedestrian surface and two on the road which can be quite a hindrance for me. Mr. Swiss always breathes a sigh of relief when I arrive home. First of all I vacuum pack my freshly bought meat supplies and put them in the freezer chest in the cellar. In my earlier heallthier days I would buy what I need when wanted and never spared a though about living on frozen goods. However, I have learned how to do it and the meat is perfect to cook after being frozen. I just have to remember the day before to put it either in the fridge overnight to let it thaw slowly, or for the smaller cuts in the morning when I stop hugging the bed as they thaw out nicely until lunch time when I cook them. Today I have a chicken casserole for lunch and had the chicken delivered fresh yesterday with my online delivery from the store, so no problem.

And now it is time to move on with my daily chores, although nothing drastic. First of all it is time to give my orchids their weekly water supply. I will be at home today, so no stress. Enjoy the day, yes, the week-end.

Our local town of Solothurn has the decorations for our trade fair evereywhere at the moment although the fair will open its doors towards the end of the month.