RDP Wednesday: Phobia

As a golden oldie I do not really have a phobia, I have seen so many changes in life and had to adapt. However this week the gardeners called and brought my garden up to date with removing weeds etc. The photos shows the result and now I have realised that I do have a phobia. I was not expecting the layer of wood chippings, or whatever, in between the plants. I know it looks good and very neat, but for me it is too neat. I like earth between my plants, even a few so-called weeds sprouting here and there do not bother me.

I am not so sure that my bees, spiders and bugs are happy about the situation, not to mention the birds. How will they find their worms? How can I make them the central subjects for my photos when everything is covered with this chip wilderness. It all happened on Monday, and next week the gardener will be calling – again – to remove this new layer of unwanted material and replace it with fresh, black natural earth. I want a garden and not a pseudo cemetery.

RDP Wednesday: Phobia

Good Morning

I had so many wonderful cloud photos this morning it was hard to choose one from the others. So here are just two of them.

Sometimes mornings are just made for clouds. During the day they disappear if the weather holds out and we just get blue everywhere. We have a good Autumn this year: not too cold and just pleasant. Not only did I lose time on cloud photography, but I had a special delivery of my MS medicine. It always comes in a separate special delivery as it has to be in cool boxes to keep the right temperature. I have now put it in its refrigerator and am now set for the next three months of injections for every second day.

Otherwise I was off to town in the afternoon for an appointment with the doc. Nothing serious, just a check for my sugar levels. My accident with my arm is now a thing of the past, and there are now just a few interesting skin colours left. We have the annual Autumn fair in town but managed to steer through all the rummel on my scooter.

There are some food booths at the fair

and of course some beer selections for the thirsty.

I also saw this interesting stand for Covid tests. You are only allowed into the pavilions at the fair if you show your vaccinnation certificate. I did not enter as I was with my scooter and that could get complicated, but I have my certificate to show on my smart phone in necessary.

I payed a quick visit to the large supermarket which was on my way to the doc. Afterwards I made my way home. It was already late afternoon and Mr. Swiss gets worried if I am away for a long time. I must say it was strenuous scootering through the people and various objects on the way.

Our local restaurants are still doing quite a trade on the sunny afternoons and the town is alive with people. Today will be a day of stay-at-home as I have nothing urgent to deal with. I got my grocery delivery yesterday and I am decked with immediate food supplies until next week. In the meanwhile I have almost completed my next grocery online delivery order.

On my way home from town our local Jura mountains were showing themselves from their best side with the clouds as an added decoration.

And I am now off for my daily tour of the apartment with the vacuum cleaner and mop etc. Have a good day everyone.