RDP Friday: Lamp

This is just one of the few hundred lamps that decorate the streets of our town, but my interest is more in the lamps that decorate my apartment, one in particular. Regularly in the evening at 9.00 p.m. the lamp in our living room begins to flicker on and off. Sometimes it continues for a full five minutes, other times just for 2-3 minutes. I often wonder if we have a house ghost that wants to make his presence know. It is not to be ignored with the on and off of the light source at quite a quick tempo. What is the explanation? Ghosts aside, (although our appartments are built on the place where the gallows once stood some 100 years ago and skeletons have been found when building the appartments), I suspect that there might be some sort of switching over at the local electricity works. I mentioned to Mr. Swiss that I would call them and ask. He found that was overdoing it with a telephone call. And so in the meanwhile our light continues to flicker at the same time in the evening. I would add it is only one lamp that performs in this way.

Or perhaps it is one of the local storks performing his balancing actions on the local street lighting.

RDP Friday: Lamp

Good Morning

It is a misty one today plenty of moisture in the air, although no rain. Otherwise all is well with the world except for the bang, bang, bang of the neighbouring jackhammer pounding consistently. At least I think it is known as a jackhammer according to the translation from internet. I only know the German word for it although the noise is the same. They have dug out a giant hole to lay the foundations of the new block of flats. Perhaps they have met a rock bottom. I do not remember that noise when they built the rest of the estate.

I took this photo yesterday as a reminder of what the view from my place is before the block is built as it will probably cover the bottom half of the trees.

I have decided to avoid going anywhere today. I have all the groceries I need, actually until next week on Tuesday – as planned. I did forget pastry for an apple tart, but will send No. 1 son to the store to fetch some. I just have to begin to use up the apples. Yesterday we had a small drama. Mr. Swiss went to the dentist which was just an inspection to decide how to do the further work. Having no means of transport, he is also dependent on his scooter, but does not have so much practice as I do. He does tend to forget things (at the age of 82 that is not surprising) and arrived home without his stick which he needs for walking. He thought he had left it outside the dentist, but No. 1 son had just arrived home for lunch and said he remembered seeing such a stick laying on the road as he walked home. He only works half days so after dinner I told him he could go and have a look. He is a quick walker and it was not so far away. In the meanwhile I cleared away the dinner crockery and tidied the kitchen which he usually helps me with. After 10 minutes he was home again with – yes – the lost stick. It must have fallen out of Mr. Swiss scooter holder. Mr. Swiss was very happy to have it again – as we all were. My No. 1 son, although an autist, is full of surprises. He might have a slightly different logic but his mind and memory is very similar to a film camera. He was praised and we were all very happy that he solved the mystery so quickly.

Otherwise I busied myself with baking a wholewheat brown bread. I had not baked such a bread for some time as I found the flour sort was very heavy going with all the wheat particles. However, I decided not to sieve the flour as that was the part that took time with all its bits and pieces. It was a little tough going mixing it in the machine, but it worked and here is the result. Everyone praised it, even Mr. Swiss who is more a lover of unhealthy white bread. I basically wanted to bake it as I know it would be better for my diabetes, but even if I say so, it was really good and is now part of my bread baking programme.

Insect life is a little scarce at the moment. Yesterday my pet home spider gave up the ghost and was no longer hanging around, but in a crumpled heap on the table. I suppose his summer of life was now finished. I discovered this specimen outside on the bin for my gardening refuse. I decided to leave him or her to its own devices. It was again just a normal garden spider so nothing dangerous.

And that was our adventures for yesterday. Today will not be very much different, although I have the excitement of a grocery delivery this morning and even have some ironing to do, but not very much. I had my usual feline visitors.

First of all Roschti arrived at the window with that “I am hungry” look in his eyes although he was as well fed as always.

Shoo Shoo, the other neighbour’s cat, was not far behind and my packet of feline goodies is now less. I must re-order in the next grocery delivery next week.

And now time to go, so have a good day everyone, the week-end is just around the corner, although we golden oldies no longer have week-ends, we work every day with vacuum cleaners, dusters and sometimes mops. It helps to break the monotony.