RDP Wednesday: Adventure

Railways stretch to unknown horizons
not for me
Journeys to other towns, shopping in malls
not for me

A regular visit to our capital town of Bern
not for me

Looking at my photos taken when I was there
no longer for me

Adventures have gone, only to travel on the computer or the television
There was a time when I would be there, see it, touch it, live it
no longer for me
Time passes, the body grows older but the mind remains
living the memories of the past years.
Taking a sentimental journey to how it was, adventures are now in the mind
My children tell me of what they saw, I listen knowing that it is
no longer for me.

RDP Wednesday: Adventure

5 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Adventure

  1. So true. I worked with younger people who loved to tell me (who was much older than them) of all the things they were going to do and see when they retired. They just thought ‘retired.’ They never thought of getting ‘older.’ I do hope everything works out for them.

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    • You never know what the future will hold for you. At least we have computers and modern devices and can still travel the world online. Knowing really what getting older is was a new revelation for me.

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