RDP Friday: Free

There was a little cloud that was forced to join up with the other clouds. However, this cloud wanted to be on his own. He pulled and pushed against the rest of the cloud. They said he should stop being such an annoyance. Suddenly there was a puff of wind and the little cloud saw its chance and did a leap. He was floating on his own. What a wonderful view he had, with no large clouds to obstruct it. He was now free to float higher to the blue sky. You can see it rising on the left of the photo.

RDP Friday: Free

Good Morning

We had a weather warning yesterday evening and it rained and rained and rained throughout the night. However no floods, just wet everywhere.

Of course it was an attraction for some unfortunately and this guy was sliming its way across my patio this morning.

My hosta flower stems also suffered from the deluge and are now hanging their stalks from the weight of the water. This morning there is no more rain, the sun is shining at the moment and we even now have blue skies. I hope the hostas will recover during the day.

Another insect species has also returned with a vengence and I am busy with my fly swatter helping them to meet their end. I always have the window open during the day, weather permitting, and they take it as an open invitation.

Otherwise this is going to be a quick visit. I hugged the bed longer this morning and am later than usual, although what difference does that make in the life of a golden oldie. I am not going places or doing anything special. Just the normal routine. I get a grocery delivery this morning and I just got the confirmation of my list showing that everything will be delivered as ordered.

I am now off to catch up on lost time. Have a good one, see you later.