Good Morning

Whether it is a “good” morning I am not sure. It began to rain, and really rain, not just a trickle, yesterday evening and has not yet stopped. It is a soothing feeling to hear the rain through the night, but can the ground really absorb so much. We are in the lucky position to be in a raised area and our local river is lower. There is a great danger in Switzerland of overflowing rivers and flood, but our area is one of the safer places, although we are getting constant weather warnings. Some areas of central Switzerland already have rivers and lakes flowing over the banks. We have not had such a precare situation for some years. I remember the last time. No. 2 son was then in his annual army three week service and they were called up in the middle of the night to help in the flooded areas. I remember him telling me how bad the situation was. Fields were flooded and naturally homes as well. I remember him saying that when the soldiers took a break in the local restaurants they did not have to pay anything as a thankyou from the local population for their assistance At the moment the Swiss authorities are keeping a watchful eye on the situation. In Germany six houses have collapsed in one area and there are missing persons involved.

Yesterday afternoon I made an escape to the local store along the road when it was still a dry world. I was not sure whether I would be able to go anywhere in the next rain days. I am just listening to the Swiss news and they said that the weather situation has improved a little and the first dangers of flooding are receding. It has even stopped raining in some places, although on Friday rain and storms are expected so it will not get better so quickly.

I was glad to have the chance to get some groceries yesterday, although mainly frozen goods that I cannot order for a delivery. My next delivery will be tomorrow morning and then I will be home bound until next week Who knows, perhaps I might venture out if we have a break in the weather.

In the olden days when we were still employed, we always took an annual holiday. We usually went to the Swiss mountains and I remember hot sunny days, at least for two weeks, where we would enjoy relaxing. This would now be the time of the year, the last weeks of July, when we would be away. I do not remember having such weather at that time. For many people the holidays are submerged in water.

Apart from yesterday’s excursion I stayed at home. I even made something sweet to brighten up the evening.

It is now Swiss strawberry time so I decided to treat everyone with strawberries and cream. At the beginning of the strawberry season we have the cheaper imports from Spain. They are OK, but not so intensive in taste. Now is the time for the main strawberry harvest in Switzerland and they are really full of flavour: something more delicious than the imports we get. I do not mind paying a little more for a better quality.

I am now off for the daily housewife chores, but not so intensive. Have a good day everyone. Here it can only get better.

At least the wet weather has the benefit for the growing crops in the fields. Our local castle was looking quite good yesterday on my way home from shopping although the clouds were already gathering over the Jura mountains.