Good Morning

Looking northwards there was a blue sky – the shape of things to come? I hope so, after the wet beginnings yesterday. I was lucky however. The rain disappeared during the morning and it was a clear dry afternoon enabling me to go without problem to my doctor visit. It was actually just to pick up the results of my blood test which, on the diabetes side of things, were no so good. My long term results had increased. Nothing dangerous but not so good. I am a bit guilty myself as I know I sometimes forget to take my tablet, or when I remember, take them at the wrong time. I am feeling OK in this respect, but should really be more careful.

I have a bit of a problem at the docs, because there are three stupid steps in the building to get to the lift and my walker is not so good at climibing steps. I have to ring the doorbell at the entrance and the assistant arrives at the side door, to be found in this side alley, to open the door on the same level as the lift. Although I know our town quite well, I do not often go to this part. This alley is really something neat. The entrance door is on the right side for me. The name is interesting, everything has a name here. It is the Swan Alley and probably comes from the name of the Swan restaurant that was there many years ago. Now the restaurant is a store for the sale of music instruments, but the name remains on the side alley as a reminder.

Of course I took the opportunity to have a look around whilst being there. This little park is part of the trade school surroundings and although a lot of the area has been renovated, the part remains. you can even see part of the old stone arch which originates from the last century as far as I know.

Moving on I dropped in at our Co-Op store to get Mr. Swiss cigarette supply for the week. I can only buy them in the Co-Op in packs of ten boxes. They are also available at the kiosk, but that is not so advisable. The nice thing about being on the other side of the river is that you get some good views of the riverside.

This is our footbridge which I use to get to the other side of the river. It is quite handy having no traffic interruptions. You can see our St. Urs cathedral looming up over the town. I had enough traffic interruptions on my way to the doc. The first was at the side of our local railway connection. They were repairing something again and there was a small van parked with various tools from the railway workers. However, they saw me coming and quickly pushed most of the tools to one side to allow me to pass on my scooter. The van remained, but with some helpful instructions from the guys, I succeeded in continuing my journey. The next problem was a parked larger van on the street to the doc. This was almost becoming a mission impossible. As I circled around the van the way was blocked with plant pots from the neighbouring restaurant. However a guy passing by fetched the driver of the van and he shifted the pots to one side to allow me to pass. Everyone is quite helpful, but not without some friendly persuasion from others and some organisation from me. In my pre semi invalid days I also never thought of these things, but I see the world from a different perspective today with all these problems.

Looking across the river I realised that the good weather would not be here to stay. I had already consulted the 48 hours weather progression on my varioius electronic instruments and saw that the break in the wet weather would only be until the evening. The clouds were already gathering, although quite interesting, so I was glad to be on my way home. Thursday will be the big day of rain it seems, so if the weather stays OK today, I will be on a short excursion to the store this afternoon along the road which will get me nicely sorted with groceries, together with my online delivery, until the beginning of next week.

The clouds were increasing as I travelled home with the Jura mountains on the opposite of the road. Funnily enough the rain stayed away during the night and it is still quite dry outsdie for a change, but not so warm. I am now off. I have sorted my washing which was almost dry and today is easy peasy with cooking, just a Swiss Bratwurst (veal sausage) with fried tomatoes and Rosti.

Keep cool eveyone like the pigeon I met in town yesterday. have a good day and smooth runnings.