RDP Wednesday: Coalesce

Today was a day of ensuring that there was no coalescence anywhere. Since this morning there were strange noises outside and when I scootered off to town I saw the source of the noise, but was none the wiser. When I arrived home the noise continued and there were men dressed in their prominent orange clothing walking around meaning they were working on an important communal job. Of course I got curious and asked one of the guys what was happening. He told me it was the day of drain cleaning, the drans were being flushed through. Apparently this is something that has to be done to ensure that no-one has disposed of a dead body in the drains, or mice or rats have made their home there.

This was an opportunity for photographs of course, although the guy did give me a strange look as I was walking around with my iPhone in my hand. Unfortunately I found nothing of interest so we will have to be satisfied with the van and the flushing cables which were very long, which were inserted into the openings of our drains.

RDP Wednesday: Coalesce

Good Morning

And another wonderful blue sky hovers over our area in Switzerland, although most of Switzerland this morning. At last (at the moment in any case) the rains have gone.

I was in town yesterday afternoon and had a look at our river. It was certainly higher than usual and I had never seen it flowing so fast. There were even little caps of white foam on the water.

I was at my annual visit to my neurologist. I generally only see him once a year, unless anything unexpected would happen in between. This time I had a smooth year and when we saw each other we were both a year older, although he is definitely not a golden oldie, although I noticed his hair was perhaps turning slowly a little into the grey side. It happens to most of us. Mine turned a few years ago, altnough I still have some darker strands at the edge. Anyhow we had the usual conversation and I did my usual walk which has become somewhat slower and more uncertain over the year. I did not expect anything revolutionary in connection with my MS. He did mention there is a new medicine,a progression of the tablet form. I was interested as I have been injecting for the past few (many) years. However after a discussion I decided (and I think he too) that it would not be my thing. It seems there would also be a few side effects and I am not happy with side effects. I am still injecting myself, altough with the years it is not getting better with my aging process. Mr. Swiss could do it, but he is even older than me. We now agreed that the medical authorities would take it over and I would get a visit every second day for them to inject a little more professionally. My body parts are slowly resembling a moon surface ladscape – no exactly craters, but a little on the rough side with a few marks from my inexpert injecting methods.

I naturally took a few photos whilst scootering through town. It seemed to be a lazy afternoon and people were more taking it easy.

Our restaurant mile along the river was quite busy with visitors soaking up the sun. You now rarely see masked people, although the scourge has not disappeared. On the contrary our daily cases of Covid are again on the increase due to the new Delta strain most probably. My doc told me this was the main reason. He had a mask on in the surgery so I put mine on as well, although we are naturally both vaccinated. He told me that the new Delta variation was the main cause of the increasing cases and even if you are vaccinated it can be a problem. Anyhow we departed for another year. He told me that if my mobility problems increase, he could visit me at home with no problem if necessary. I will not see him again for a year, although we keep in touch if anything occurs so I will see how mobile I am for my next visit. My main problem is the town organisation. Yesterday there was a van parked on the path along the railway again. This time the guy was cleaning the machines at the station, but said he only needed two minutes if I could wait. He was soon finished and I speeded on into town. The doctors entrance was also crowded with various objects and they were building next door. He also has two sets of steps for me to overcome when entering Luckily I could park my scooter near by. It was the walker that gave the problems. When leaving the surgery the doc came with me to the entrance to help me with my walker transport down the steps. His assistant had already departed.

This morning I saw the last slug winding his way home before the sun had risen fully. There must have been a party and he was the last one to go home. They seem to be getting bigger and more slimy each time I see them.

And now I should make my way to other places. I am a little later this morning. I hope your day will be a good one. This morning I was listening to our local Swiss radio station. I like to keep up with the local news, see how our rivers are now settling down and we also get quite a bit of music. It is surprising how the Swiss music scene is developing, alhough not making an impact on the international modern music. We have our own groups of musicians and this morning a song really caught my attention. It is by a Swiss group “George” who I must admit I had never heard of. They were playing one of their songs “Wo wär i hüt ohne di” (Where would I be today without you) which I quite liked so here it is. Sorry, all being sung in our Swiss German dialect, but music speaks all languages.