RDP Wednesday: Erogenous

Erogenous, oh, yes well there are many interpretations according to your state of mind I suppose. Me being a golden oldie with nothing better to do than household work and now and again taking a photo or writing a blog. So here we are, an erogenous photo of a bread dough before I put it in the oven.

However, when it is baked (10 minutes ago) it looks quite different. No more erogenous forms, just a baked loaf of bread, and nothing left to the imagination.

RDP Wednesday: Erogenous

Good Morning

Yesterday was another rainy stormy day and the night as well, but the weather gods had pity on me and for the time when I had to go to town for a doctor visit at my new surgery, it stopped raining, and even the sun appeared now and again. At least I kept dry on my scooter. This time I was prepared for my journey. I knew where I was going.

I even managed to avoid this part of the journey. They seem to be renovating everything in this part of town with containers full of building scrap. I even found the hidden entrance in a covered walkway to the store and stopped off on my way home for a couple of supplies. It was the cigarette store for Mr. Swiss rations and I also had to get a bottle of wine (for cooking). It was ideal as now I have no more shopping expeditions for this week, unless of course I want to go somewhere.

As I arrived near the doctor’s surgery I was greeted by one of our old Swiss heroes from a battle in 1499 where it seems the Swiss had a disagreement in the small village of Dornach with the soldiers of Emperor Maximillian. It seems the Swiss made a group effort and even won. I am not an expert on Swiss battle history, but it must have been something important otherwise we would not have this statue in one of the main places in our local town of Solothurn, Anyhow it made a good photo shot. Just to add, the Swiss won the battle. You can always depend of the Swiss. We even managed to win the football fight against France for the European cup. It seems that England also won their match. Who knows, perhaps they might even meet in the final, although I think the chances are more on the english side as the Swiss side.

Views of this part of town are not so interesting. It is a more modern extension of the town, although modern being more in the 1930’s towards the 1950’s, with a few offices, restaurants and grocery stores. We also lived in this part of town for almost 20 years. They always seem to be building and renovating parts of it.

It is not far from the older part of town and I had to cross this street and over the bridge in the distance to get there. Anyhow it was a meeting with my new doctor yesterday. She already had most of my medical details and it was just a bit of getting to know you, although I had to deposit a tube of my precious blood there for further examination. I should have it examined at least once or twice a year due to my diabetes and the injections I have for my MS. We discovered it was almost two years, so I have a further appointment for the result in two weeks. It is no problem, I discovered that it is quite easy to visit her and plenty of places where I can park my scooter. I even have a sheltered row of arches if it would rain.

The clouds were still hanging as I crossed the river but no rain.

I eventually made my way home and found it was quite a good excursion. It made a change to explore other parts of the town. I was at home for an hour and the heavens opened again and stayed open until this morning early, so I was lucky with my excursion and did not get wet. Excursions are now finished for this week and will live the life of a lady having my shopping delivered for the week-end.

Of course I had my usual morning visitor. This time he was early and ready for food. The window was still closed, so before I even made my breakfast I fed him with the usual morning treats. As you can see there are a few leaves ouside blown down by the strong winds yesterday.

The paths on my way home were also strewn with branches blown down from the trees in the stormy weather.

Have a good day everyone, take it easy and may the rains and storms stay away in your part of the country.

Good Morning

I did not really intend to write anything this morning, but decided to relax with my computer whilst the cleaning lady is looking after my apartment. We had a very rough night and was a pleasant surprise to see that the weather is now behaving.

I saw the storm clouds gathering already in the late afternoon. We already had a storm warning for our village and it was getting darker and darker, so much so that I had to switch on the light. There was an ear splitting crack of thunder and then it began to rain in torrents. We were safe and cosy at home, but my No. 1 son was in town. However, he was sitting in a reastaurant with some colleagues waiting for it to blow over. Blowing over was a good word, the winds were very high. My cleaning lady told me she was on her way home yesterday in the car when it began and was glad to arrive in one piece. The roads resembled streams and her car was shaking from side to side. It even blew down one of the large scaffoldings in our town. Luckily no-one was harmed. I could hear the fire engines and they were busy pumping out cellars.

It continued throughout the night. There was no more thunder, but the fall of rain. Sometime around midnight it was joined by the car horns. I suspected it must be a successful sporting event as many cars were involved. I had a quick look on my iPad and saw that a miracle had happened and the Swiss football team had knocked France out of the European cup and are now in the quarter finals. Miracles happen and so it seemed that most of the Swiss population were celebrating by sounding their car horns and driving around. This coupled with a storm it was quite a noisy event

I will now leave you as my supermarket delivery will soon arrive and I have some cooking to do. I am not sure how the afternoon will develop as I will be on my way into town to my doctor, having to overcome a building site on the way.

Have a good day everyone.

This bee seemed to be overcoming his own building site on a flower.

RDP Monday: Nuance

I sort of collect orchids. I have discovered that in summer when they are outside they begin to develop and grow and even make flowers. However, this year was not such a promising year for good developments. I did notice that one of my orchids from last year had decided to do something different. Ir had developed some new leaves on the stem. Nothing really special until I noticed that there were also two new roots, and not weedy roots but nice firm roots.

I think it is now telling me to give it its own pot and earth. This has never happened before so I just might do it.

RDP Monday: Nuance

Good Morning

This morning was such a wonderful sky display I did not know which photo to choose. It was sun, clouds and nature at its best.

Even a passing plane decided to add some decoration. So now I am wide awake and ready for the new week. Yesterday I am afraid I got a little lazy. I was really intending to go somewhere in the afternoon, but preferred to relax and hug the bed for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I just did not have the energy to go anywhere or do anything energetic. At some time in the afternoon I decided to do something constructive, so organised the computer outside in the wonderful weather on the porch.

I disovered this development on an older orchid I have. It seems that it has decided to produce a new plant. I noticed two new leaves some time ago and left it to its own thing. It has now produced two sturdy roots and more leaves, but still attached to the mother plant. At some time I think the idea would be to separate this new growth and plant it in its own pot. It is something new for me and I hope it will be a success. Any advice from experts would be very much appreciated.

I had one of my usual feline vists this morning waiting patiently for whatever I happen to have in the feline section of my kitchen cupboard. She did not leave disappointed and got her morning breakfast treat. Satisfied she left for further explorations in the neighbourhood, or perhaps some more treats from other cat people like myself.

We had a couple of hours of thunder and rain during the night which formed some background music to sleep. This morning everything was so fresh and clean. Monday is a day at home with a bread baking session. We have had more rain and storms predicted, but at the moment it looks very friendly outside. Some parts of Switzerland have had floods, but our part has had no problems up to now.

I will now move on with a few routine household chores and wish you all a good start to the week. I might not be around so much tomorrow as I have the cleaning lady and also a visit to the doc.