Good Morning

It could not be better for the beginning of a new day, a new week. At last the sun has returned and it will stay for the week reaching temperatures normal for Summer again. Being now a golden oldie, holidays are a thing of the past. We are constantly on holiday, but me and Mr. Swiss are no longer unfortunately able to travel without difficulty and so we spend our holidays at home. It would now be that time of the year when we would load the car and make our way to the Swiss mountains and spend two weeks in a rented chalet enjoying the extended walks and even small climbs to some of the lower peaks. We always had good weather at that time. Comparing then with today, the weather is not longer as super as it was, at least during the past rainy monsoon week, but now it looks as it used to. The difference being that Mr. Swiss and I are now homebound, but in spite of that we still enjoy our days in the countryside of our surroundings,

We even have some wild life and this morning the local feline arrived puncturally with pleading eyes for her good morning treats.

She naturally got her just rewards and they were gone within a few seconds. She has now disappeared to the next station of her morning explorations.

I have a relaxing Monday morning in front of me. Just a little housework to keep the place tidy and some time in the later morning a cooking chore for lunch. I ate the remainder of the week-end bread for breakfast. There was enough for me. My No. 1 son is the first to have breakfast before he departs for work and I am left with the rest. This morning there was not a large rest, but it was enough for three small slices of breakfast bread. I will now be baking a bread during the day. I started my bread baking sessions some time at the beginning of the year and now they have become a routine depending naturally if I have the time.

I was glad to see that my newly flowering hostas were beginning to lift their heads again after bearing the weight of the rainfalls we have had. Although the water is now receding in Switzerland slowly, Germany has now began to examine the aftermath. I was glad to hear from No. 2 sone at the week-end that his wife’s family are all safe in Germany. They do not live in the region that was damaged. They are in a wine growing area which is quite high up on the slopes.

I was so glad to see everything bathed in sunshine this morning. Now I must be careful not to begin complaining about the heat wave we have before us.

I wish everyone a good week and trust that everything will only get better. I leave you with a view of the our local mountain, the Weissenstein, from our garden. You can even see the supports of the lifts to take you to the top of the mountain