FOTD 6th July 2021: Platycodon

They began quite neat and small in a pot from the store. The next year they were bigger and now they have firmly planted their feet in the flower beds. What can you call them? Platycodon is quite complicated, so they also have the name of Chinese Bell Flower or balloon flower. Do they explode when they open up with a bang? I have never heard them, but they seem to do it quite discrimately with no fuss . The first buds have apeared and I am waiting for the garden to be filled with explosions.

FOTD 6th July 2021: Platycodon

Good Morning

Although we had a good start to the morning, it is now raining and looks like it will rain for the day. I am really a bit short of time at the moment, My cleaning lady was here and did the necessary. I also got a delivery from my oline store. They were half an hour late, but I got an apology e-mail. It made no difference to me as I had everything I needed for lunch. When the guy arrived I asked him what the problem was. He said the computer had a breakdown and they had to re-organise all the daily deliveries. One of the bags with the groceries was quite heavy and I managed to smash a bottle of cranberry juice. Luckily my cleaning lady was still here and cleaned it all away for me, althogh it was quite a sticky floor afterwards.

The main thing is that now everything is under control. The noodles are cooking and my meat dish is also on its way, so we will not starve. I was thinking about going into town this afternoon for a few items, but since the rain begun I am having second thoughts. I have enough time for the next few days to get what I need.

In the meanwhile the noodles are finished, so all I now have to do is to serve dinner – no more stress. No. 1 son will be arriving home in ten minutes so we can all sit down to lunch.

I think it has also stopped raining, so after my after dinner sleep, I might have a chance to break out and enjoy the world.

I must now go, have a good day everyone – until later.