Good Morning

Again a normal Summer morning with clouds and a blue sky. No rain clouds to be seen and the promise of a sunny summer week. Probably we will all be complaining about the summer heat at the end of the week, but that’s life. At least the danger of flooding has almost disappeared, although we have one lake in Switzerland that is still a small threat, and in Germany it is raining again with a threat of flooding.

I had a bird visitor yesterday afternoon. Actually during the afternoon I now and again I have birds in the garden, although they disappear quickly. I suppose the babies are no longer babies and are discovering their wings. At last the mother birds can relax and no longer have to permanently feed them.

I spotted this guy in my garden cupboard this morning, but he is no bother. they like to hang around in dark places where other insects also hover. It must be something like a five star restaurant.

As said, I ventured to the store yesterday afternoon.

I saddled my trusty scooter and made my way. Had a small problem when taking this photo, after finishing the shopping trip. I parked my walker on one side and forgot to pull the brakes on it. It is not always necessary, but I left it on a slope so it became independent and rolled away. I was then confronted with quite a distance to walk without any help. However a lady saw my predicament and brought the walker back to me, so no problem. I realised how dependent I have become on these various helps and more and more. MS is a progressive problem, and my walking abilities are getting less and less. My right hand is also having problems, but luckily I can still type on the computer. I just have a pins-and-needles feeling in it. I will have to have a few serioue words with my neurologist when I see him next week, althogh probably there is not very much he can do.

There was not a lot of traffic on the road yesterday. On the right you can see the path next to the railway tracks which I usually travel when returning and leaving our village. This is just a smaller road leading to the various villages.

The local train also passed me on my way. It is also a connection between the villages and stops at our local town of Solothurn.

We even have a sign on the way showing that you will soon be entering our local town of Solothurn, the most beautiful baroque town in Switzerland, at least that is what it says. The way is well equipped with paths at the side for my scooter which I am very glad about.

Otherwise it was an easy day. I only really need about an hour to get to the store and back, so had some relaxing time in the afternoon for sorting my photos. I am no longer so active in the evening and prefer to have an early night – must be old age catching up on me. Today I have no big plans and will not be going anywhere. It is so pleasant now to sit out on the porch watching the world (and clouds) go by.

I wish everyone a good Sunday (or for those in other parts of the world – sleep well).