RDP Thursday: Exsicate

This grass has decided it is time to exsicate
It had done its job and could not wait
This plant is dry no longer moist
No longer whispers, has lost its voice
But rest assured, the roots are still there
To ensure next year it returns to share
The farmers arrive with all their ploughs
And will preserve the remains to feed the cows

RDP Thursday: Exsicate

Good Morning

What a wonderful sky this morning. No sign of rain all through the night and now the sun is poking through. My rose decided to add to the photo and the world is perfect – up to now. I checked on the weather forecast and everything is OK, no rain.

I am particularly glad because son No. 1 is going to an open air concert this evening in a nearby village with one of his local bands. He knows them all and they know him and he is really looking forward to it after being so long isolated at home due to Covid. I cannot lock him up. He is vaccinated as many are at the moment. He called the organisation and they informed that it would not be necessary for him to show any proof of his vaccination. I checked on the 48 hour weather forecast and this is really the one day in the week where no rain is forecast during the day or the next evening. If I was more active I would go to the concert as well, but unfortunately those days are now gone for a golden oldie.

My buddleia in the front garden is at last showing its flowers. I was a little worried about this plant as I discovered that it had an aphid infestation a couple of months ago. I began to give it a shower daily and wash them away and after a few days they disappeared. A few leaves were affected, but nothing too serious and the plant eventually recovered. It is now flowering as always. I love the buddleia as they have the talent to attract butterflies.

The bees are also quite at home on its flowers, so what could be better.

However the bees are happy with anything that has pollen and my coreopsis is being besieged by the bees at the moment.

Otherwise today will be a restful day. No. 1 son will not be here this evening for the meal, which is actually just coldcuts and a salad, so I think it will be a selfservice meal. Mr. and Mr. Swiss will just take our pick from fridge, there is always enough to eat. I have to keep a check of my freezer and fridge supplies, one of the reasons why I inspect regularly the dates. If I freeze I always put the date on the day I froze it. I noticed I have quite a collection of minced meat, mainly beef but some pork. I decided it was time to make a meat loaf so I sorted it all yesterday. I like a meat loaf with a pork and beef mixture and I have enough for a week-end meal with some carrots and pasta.

Otherwise have a good day everyone. Life is never boring when we all have a computer. I realised that I know so many wonderful people, have regular contact with them, but have never met them or seen them in reality. They keep me company and that is good. So enough of being sentimental. I am now off to make myself busy in the apartment and otherwise. I leave you with one of my feline friends who decided to take a sleep on my porch yesterday afternoon.