Good Morning

No, come on weather you can do better than that. after a week of monsoon heavy rainfall and grey slates of sky it is no longer raining, so what’s up doc.

Yesterday evening I was sure the misery was over after seeing again a blue sky and some good natured well meaning clouds. Anyhow, let us not despair. It has stopped raining, not one drop fell during the night and the next week looks good, even the promise of a heat wave where we will all be left in heat filled surroundings. At least the floods will be receding that some have had.

There are naturally always some that enjoy the wet surroundings and really come out and literally bathe in it.

This one even began to explore my insect hotel, although discovered that it was a little too small for him. I noticed that the new slug generation are twice as big as the last. Is this the shape of things to come, although I took these two photos yesterday evening. I made a quick inspection this morning but only saw a couple sliming their way home (wherever that is) across the garden. I think even they will retire to their slimy surroundings now that the rain has gone. I would so rather show some photos of butterflies and birds, but we will have to be patient.

Today really looks like a normal summer day. I will make my way to the local store this afternoon as I have a few items to pick up to tie me over until the next grocery delivery, but not so much.

And after a couple of hours I am back. I started my blog and lost it. I thought I would have another try and found it on my Windows computer, but since writing in the morning I have cleaned up the apartment and began to cook lunch, chicken and rice.

And now I am really gone – see you later.