RDP Saturday: Foolish Things

I was on a visit to london a few years ago, actually it was my last visit. I was in a store and saw this. I would like to have had a better photo but did not want to get into difficulties if someone saw me. I also used to wear such instruments when I was younger for a modern hairstyle, but I must admit I did not wear them for everyone to see, but only at home.

RDP Saturday: Foolish Things

Good Morning

It is raining again. It looked a bit cloudy yesterday, and was warm and getting humid. Up to now the humidity was under control, but now we have it in all its quantities, but no qualities. It began to rain some time during the night and had stopped when I arose this morning, but now it has returned, a constant damp shower.

It did not seem to bother this guy/dame who was making its was across the stones in my garden. It usually makes the way into the deepest part of the flower bed, but this time was sliming in the other direction, probably realising that there would be more of this glorious damp weather to come. As long as the rivers and lakes do not begin to rise again.

I made my way into town again yesterday making the most of the sunny days. It is good to get out and see something different. The tower of our concert hall was showing itself through the trees on the way. I always take the cirular path to get to town. There is more rural scenery and a nice easy path to travel on in my scooter. The town streets tend to be quite bumpy with their quaint cobblestones.

I continued on my way to the store and passed our square where the main local government offices are to be found. They replaced the normal fountain some years ago with this modern design and there were a few kids enjoying the cooling waters. I am sure their parents would not be happy when they return home wet. From here it was a quick move to the stores. Although I had a delivery in the morning there were a few items I had forgot, not very much but a good excuse to go somewhere. Above all I had no plastic bags for my rubbish disposal. We have to use special bags supplied by the auithorities. They are quite expensive, but the extra charge covers the costs of their disposal.

And the musicians have returned to our town. After a year of abscence, due to covid, they were now slowly appearing on the streets. They usually arrive at week-ends. This group were Italian and their music was really very pleasant, a group of brass instruments.

This duet were also quite good. She was singing something South American and he was playing the accompaniment.

And there was a guy playing the violine. He had an orchestral accompaniment playing as a backing so it sounded OK. It seems the town is waking up again and things are normalising a little, although Covid is still hanging around.

I eventually got what I needed and made my way home.

I noticed a few crows hanging around as I entered our estate.

Today I think I will be stranded at home. It is too wet to go anywhere and I have been on my way enough lately. Have a good week-end everyone, take it easy and I hope that the climate changes will not interrupt your routine too much. There has been much to much strange weather occurrences lately. This brave little dandelion managed to find some space to grow.