Good Morning

It rained and rained most of the night. After such a nice sunny day yesterday the rains returned in the evening. Now I am left with a dull uninteresting sky – with some clouds in the distance, but nothing special. I did not go anywhere yesterday and do not intend to go anywhere today. It looks quite dull outside and probably today’s life will be something similar. My only excitement this morning was killing two flies which decided to pay a visit.

I did see a butterfly yesterday. It was nothing really special, probably a so-called cabbage white butterfly. As a baby they are the boring green ones. I rarely see the babies, only the adults, but I do not have anything really interesting in my garden for them to eat. they probably wander in from the surrounding farming lands. This one was more interested in the flowers of my blooming privet hedge.

Another visitor this morning was the local feline. Of course I gave her some breakfast treats. As she was finished and preparing to go, my other local cat arrived.

Of course I immediately gave him some goodies, but the rival was still hovering around and snapped them all before Roschti had a chance. 10 years ago the other cat would not had a chance, but Roshti is now feeling his 18 years and left the rival to it without a hiss or a show of claws. Even cats become golden oldies.

Today England meet Italy at Wembley in London in the European cup final. Big deal that the British actually managed to reach the cup final. I do not even know if I will bother to watch it. I have seen enough sport on the TV lately and the evenings have been filled with tennis matches from Wimbledon which is a game I always found quite boring.

I now wish everyone a good Sunday with plenty of rest and relaxation. In the meanwhile the sky has decided to turn blue. Not exactly sunny, but that can happen.