FOTD 2nd July 2021: Canary Island Foxglove

I am really not sure about the name of this one, but my plant identifier said it was a foxglove from the Canary Island. I saw it outside a flower shop in town and shot a photo. It really looked quite impressive.

So much so, that I decided to take a second photo as it was beginning to creep up a lamp post.

FOTD 2nd July 2021: Canary Island Foxglove

RDP Friday: Off

I hope today Switzerland stays with us and will not be off when they play their quarter final European Cup match against Spain in St. Petersburg. It is a wonder that they have come as far as they have and now we Swiss (OK even the 50% Swiss like me) are all cheering for our brave men. Why they had to go to Russia to play this match is a mystery to me, but that is football. They have just finished playing the national hymns and at this moment the game has begun. I will now try to fix an evening meal with one eye on the TV. I am hoping that our team will have as much energy and steam as the cow in the photo. I will definitely not be going off anywhere for the next one and half hours.

RDP Friday: Off

Good Morning

Have been fiddling with some morning photos, but now I am here. The sun has returned and we are in for a nice Summer day after a week of rain and storm. It has also warmed up a bit. I even had to go from a sleeveless t-shirt to one with short sleeves yesterday. In the evening I even wore a warm cardigan, but now Summer has returned at least for today. What the week-end will bring I have no idea.

I had two visitors whilst having breakfast this morning. I had to leave my food to give them their daily treats. First of all I had to deal with this visitor.

Five minutes later this one appeared. Note the similar begging eyes. They really know how to charm you. They have now moved on, probably to the next neighbour.

My second apple tree seems to be developing quite well.It has never had so many apples. I am quite proud of this as I planted it from an apple pip when I was in the office 12 years ago having my morning apple break. Now and again it had an apple, but they usually were not so good. This year the tree is bursting with apples. I do not know how they will develop and will only see the result in autumn. At the moment they are still quite green, but I believe they are a red apple when finished ripening.

I have the intention of venturing to the local super market this afternoon, perhaps even further. I do not really have to go anywhere, but will take advantage of the sunny day. I will be getting my usual Friday delivery of groceries from the supermarket. Since Mr. Swiss no longer eats so much (golden oldie problem?) I have decided to cook what I like to eat. Luckily No. 1 son likes it as well usually. He just avoids mushrooms, broccoli and brussel sprouts. He is also not so keen on salad, at least the green leaved kind. I discovered that my supermarket also has aubergine, which I very much like, the “finger kind”.

You can see them on the top right corner. I prefer these to the normal sized aubergine. I can slice them and fry them quckly as a vegetable and I prefer cooking them to the larger rounder variety. I have decided that I want to concentrate more on what I like to eat and not what the others prefer.

Last week I spotted a crow in the garden. He was very quick and flew off, but I manage to schoot a photo. I have heard them often, but since Summer – and Spring – arrived I have not seen them. This one put in an appearance, probably taking a walk to see if there was anything interesting in food supplies. Our stores stopped selling bird food some months ago and it will be October probably before they again arrive in the shops.

I am now off to begin the day’s work, although no stress. Everything is under control. Mr. Swiss decided he needed a new DVD player. The other one was showing signs of old age, and they have made some progress in their development. However new appliances also have their problems. Yesterday he managed to put the television out of order for an hour and it really looked like that it would no longer function without help from a tradesman. Through luck he found the TV again. I am quite good at technical stuff but with DVD and Video I have no idea and also no interest.

Now time to go, have a good day everyone, the week-end is just around the corner.