RDP Wednesday: Adventure

Railways stretch to unknown horizons
not for me
Journeys to other towns, shopping in malls
not for me

A regular visit to our capital town of Bern
not for me

Looking at my photos taken when I was there
no longer for me

Adventures have gone, only to travel on the computer or the television
There was a time when I would be there, see it, touch it, live it
no longer for me
Time passes, the body grows older but the mind remains
living the memories of the past years.
Taking a sentimental journey to how it was, adventures are now in the mind
My children tell me of what they saw, I listen knowing that it is
no longer for me.

RDP Wednesday: Adventure

Good Morning

Words fail me. It’s raining again, no pouring, since I stopped hugging the bed. I was listening to the local weather forecast for our area, and it will continue during the morning, but at midday we have the promise of sun for the rest of the day. Here it is not so bad. The river is down below, although the water volume quite high and there are some parts of our Kanton that has really had some street floods in their villages. Our village has stayed OK up to now, although the water collects here and there. This summer will remain as one of the wettest in my memories.

I had a feeling today would be a wet one so I made my way yesterday afternoon into town to enjoy the sunny, warm weather as long as it lasted. The field next to the railway path was looking quite green and luxurious which is no wonder with the amount of rain it has collected over the past couple of weeks.

Town was as always and the locals had also decided to enjoy the weather by strolling on the streets. One of the advantages of our old town is that there is almost no traffic: only tradesmen and hotel guests, although we have a lot less tourists this year, at least from other countries. I also noticed that the lines of people outside our old riding hall which had been converted into a vaccination centre have now disappeared. The vaccination places have now been abandoned. A good half (if not more) of the Swiss population have now been vaccinated and the idea is that they can now get their jabs from their doctor. All our family have been vaccinated, Mr. Swiss, both sons and my daughter-in-law, so there is nothing more we can do but wait for this trial we are having to bear to disappear.

I spotted this sparrow perched on a bike as I was on the way to the store. Someone had spread some bird seed around and the birds were making the most of it.

Then the piegeons moved in so the sparrow decided to leave.

I actually was really only in town to escape from the daily boredom. My store did have a few special offers for meat so I decided to investigate. I had already received my delivery in the morning so there was not a lot to get. The restaurants were quite fully occupied outside with people enjoying a break. Since the rules for Covid have been relaxed more people are venturing to the great outside.

I will be relaxing at home today with no excursions anywhere.

I will be observing the insects on the flowers and I will probably be observed.

I had already given Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, some feline snacks this morning but he wanted more. He even took a walk around my apartment, but he afterwards just waited outside for more. I was determined not to give him more, but when Mr. Swiss arrived he decided to spoil him further. How can you resist such pleading eyes.

And I will now move on to further exercises. There is food to be cooked and I also have a pile of washing to fold, but it is still quite damp. It usually dries overnight but with the amount of humidity we have at the moment it is still damp and waiting. Have a good day everyone, make the best of it.

It seems the local farmer mowed the wheat field yesterday.