Good Morning

I heard it raining during the night in showers. For an hour I heard the rain drops falling and then silence for an hour and then it began again. Of course I slept most of the time, but in my waking moments I heard the rain and then it suddenly stopped. Yesterday it rained all morning. I so wanted to go out into town and as if by miracle the rain stopped at lunch time and we have wonderful sunny skies in the afternoon and it got warmer.

It seemed that life was returning to the streets. I had not seen so many people enjoying the weather for a long while. Perhaps we are now coming out of our forced Covid hibernation and enjoying life again. I no longer see masks outside and life seems to be happening again. In town it was fine, although I had to manoevre my scooter between the people.

There were a few obstructions on my way. It seems that the good weather had encouraged the local authorities to tidy up on the paths. These men were busy doing branch removal after the weather damage on the trees of the avenue. That is OK, but they were obstructing my way so I had to reverse and go through town. This was my second obstruction. The first was on the path at the side of the railway tracks where there was a gardener replacing some bushes. I drove to one side expecting him to make room for me. He was most annoying and said I could managed to drive past if I removed my walker hanging on my scooter. I told him that does not come into the question and he should move his wheelbarrow. He found I could easily cross the road to get around his obstruction so I told him there was no official crossing and it would not be allowed for me. The discussion ended when he actually took his wheelbarrow full of earth and moved it a few steps along the path to allow me to pass with no problem.

Even the dogs I met in town had less problems with mobility than I did.

They seemed to be content with waiting for their owners outside the stores.

Eventually I managed to get to the store to get Mr. Swiss cigarettes and also pick up a large bottle of wine for cooking purposes. I moved on to the next store to have a look at the special offers. I really do well with the offers. Yet again they had frozen french fries in a 2 kilo bag at half price. I do not think I have ever bought them at the normal price. There were also two boxes together (48 pieces) of fish fingers at a very reasonable price. They are the sort of things I like to get to store in the freezer as a reserve. I also filled up on my reserve of frozen peas, which I like to cook together with fresh carrots. Moving onto the butchers I got my meat for the weekend which I have now frozen until use. I have really become a logistic wizard with my system. Shopping for me is no longer as it was and I have had to develop ways and means of not relying on almost daily trips to get my groceries, although most of my needs are delivered by the local supermarket which I order online.I am really no longer as mobile as I was.

The pigeons were also enjoying the good weather and resting absorbing the warmth in their feathers.

It was really a wonderful afternoon, especially seeing people outside again. Eventually I made my way home, although I had an eye on the path that I use to see if the man with the planting of the new bushes and his wheelbarrow were still at work. It was now later, but his wheelbarrow was parked for me in a difficult place. I think he had already gone home. I was prepared however, and had taken the path on the other side of the road to avoid any problems. I just wish people would realise that we are not all pedestrians.

I arrived home, tired but happy after a successful shopping trip. Today it will be a day at home, it is raining again at the moment. Perhaps it might stop in the afternoon, but this morning I had to strip the beds as it is clean linen time and I will be a little too worn out for any excursions.

Wishing all a good day and hope that the weather does not play any unforeseen capers. It is really strange at the moment with a heatwave in the high usually cooler North of Europe and our daily monsoons.

Entering the town. Our cathedral tower is still in its coat of scaffolding.