RDP Thursday: Shag

So let us be serious. This is hair and it can get quite shaggy, so we go to the hairdressers. This is what we leave behind. I took the photo after a hair cut.

Some people do not go to the hairdresser for a hair cut, but they might pay a visit to have it styled, to train the shaggy pieces.

Some do not go to the hairdresser. It only needs the right hairspray and a little modelling and you have the perfect punk hairstyle. Just make sure the spray is not inflammable.

And then there are those that prefer to have a painless operation and have it cut whilst sleeping as they can be quite annoyed. However when they have the lion cut they are afterwards happy. My cat Nera (now living her tenth life) had an agreement with the vet. She insisted that the tail would remain fluffy.

RDP Thursday: Shag

Good Morning

it really is a wonderful morning: blue skies everywhere in our part of the world and above all no rain, although at the week-end – who knows. The good weather is drawing me out and about and yesterday I went again into town in the afternoon. I was thinking about it for some time and in the morning decided I would stay at home. However after my midday snooze I decided I should really get out and about and make the most of the good weather.I did have a few things to get in town (yes, Mr. Swiss weekly supply of cigarettes again) meaning that I have to visit our Co-op store as they sell them. The other store, Migros – a Swiss one, was founded by a guy in 1925, Gottlieb Duttweiler that did not smoke or drink. He began with five vans selling fresh produce and today there are stores in every town in Switzerland as well as many villages, but you cannot buy such goods there. This means I have to visit two stores to get all that I want. If I could walk from one store to the other it would not be such a problem, but I have to park my scooter outside meaning removing my walker and afterwards mounting it again to travel to the next store.

On the way I met a group of pigeons bathing in the sun and hoping that there might even be a few food items laying around.

This one even found a fountain to take a drink.

I also noticed something else. Our authorities have been busy and these signs are now appearing next to the train and bus stops in town embeded in the ground. These I even found next to our local railway station next to the stop. I find it quite good, being a non smoker. It is an annoyance with people smoking before they actually enter the train or bus puffing their last one and dropping the remains on the ground. I told Mr. Swiss, although it did not bother him so much as he never really goes anywhere now. He did make a remark that in the late evening people will still continue to puff before mounting the train as there are then few people.

Actually it was an afternoon of strange discoveries. A new store has opened on the way from our village into town, but it was on the other side of the road and I was having difficulty reading what it was. After uploading the pboto I could examine its purpose. I saw the signs: terminal care, grief counseling, mourning group, mourning care and to round it all up there was a mourning café. This was really something new to me. It used to be called an undertaker. It seems these places are to be found in a few towns and are a place for helping to mourn the loss of a loved one. Personally I think it not a bad thing, although I cannot imagine actually sitting down in a café for the purpose. It has an interesting sign outside the place welcoming everyone to a nice cup of coffee. Our world is really becoming a strange place.

And now time for me to move on like our local train that I met on my way.

Today is yet again the day of fresh linen on the beds. I seem to be doing this job constantly, but time passes so quickly. I now have a new trick. I change the duvet covers in the evening before so that I do not have to spend so much time doing it the next morning. We just sleep with odd covers for one night, but who cares. I have to make these short cuts becoming a golden oldie. Mr. Swiss helps where he can which is not very much really.

And now to move on. Have a good day everyone, or sleep well in the other half of the world. See you later.

It seem that the farmer was busy yesterday harvesting. It is that time of the year again.