Good Morning

We are really getting some miserable weather at the moment. After a week of monsoon, we had a week of heat wave and now the rains have returned. Not so much monsoon, but claps of thunder and lightening. It is Sunday morning and really not an inviting day to go anywhere. Yesterday evening I uploaded the battery of my wheelchair. Not that I was planning on going anywhere, but I rarely use it and I should keep the battery charged at once a month. I use the wheelchair more for pleasure trips as it is handy for taking photos with my Nikon camera as I travel, but if the weather does not improve today, I will not be going anywhere.

A negative aspect of this damp humid weather are the flies. They seem to be multiplying in the fly olympics. These two were doing their best on the window frame this morning to ensure that they maintain the race. Needless to say my kitchen floor is littered with their remains. On my last shopping trip I refurbished my supply of fly swatters. Luckily they only sell them in groups of two so now we have enough. I find it the best method, but you have to be quick. I am becoming an expert, and the best place to swat them is when they are sitting on the floor. Luckily Ii have stone tiles in the kitchen, so no problem to remove the deceased flies afterwards.

I had another visitor this morning who was quite demanding in his wishes. I am not sure if he was yawning or getting my attention. Of course I fulfilled his wishes with a portion of cat treats. He then left, only to return a few minutes later sitting at the window entrance with a pleading look on his little feline face. How could I resist, so he got a second portion. A little later Mr. Swiss arrived in the kitchen remarking that he had already fed Roschti and our other feline visitor early in the morning whilst I was still sleeping. How sly the cats can be. I know for sure that the human he owns feeds him enough.

The bees were also quite busy yesterday examining my coreopsis flowers and completing their week-end food shopping. They must have known that we would be having another few days of rain.

Otherwise we had a nice cloud formation yesterday early evening. Today will be a nice relaxing quiet day. It really seems that this Summer is like a summer I have never experienced. Climate change is really here it seems. I will now make my way into this Sunday. I might even have to wear long trousers instead of my shorts, there is a chilly wind blowing. Armed with my fly swatter I will now make my way into the apartment. There are also a few items to be ironed. I wish everyone a good Sunday and may the weather gods look with sympathy upon you. They do not seem to be very happy where I am at the moment when I look at my hosta leaves.