FOTD 23rd July 2021: Campanula Latifolia (Giant Bellflower)

I am not so sure about the name, but my plant identifier told me this is what it is. I only noticed I had it in the garden last week when the buds began to form. Now it is flowering in a nice blue colour and it seems to be the giant version of a bell flower. As far as I am concerned it is a welcome visitor and may stay.

FOTD 23rd July 2021: Campanula Latifolia (Giant Bellflower)

RDP Friday: Rain

A photo from my motorised days taken whilst I was waiting at the traffic light. This is the type of weather we had a week ago every day and it only stopped for a pause in between, We had a few floods in Switzerland, luckily not where I lived. Lucerne was threatened and our local river was carrying high water leading to the local lake of Biel rising over the banks. After a week of sunshine everything is slowly going back to normal, although there will be storms over the next week-end. Generally it is the cellars that are flooded. I have noticed, since no longer being mobile, that rain affects me more. It means I can go nowhere without getting soaked.

RDP Friday: Rain

Good Morning

Another sun-filled day breaks over our little village. The birds are singing and the insects are doing what insects do.

The earwigs have returned, although as long as they stay in the garden they do not bother me too much. I noticed this morning that after a busy night they like to relax on various plants and they were distributed hanging onto the stalks. Up to now they have not done very much damage, although they can become a pest. Yesterday one of them made a wrong turning and took a walk across my kitchen floor. I managed to speed him outside with a flick of a duster. I must be getting sentimental in my olden days and I really think twice before making the ultimate decision in their lives. I make exceptions for flies although they also have their use I suppose, I have not yet discovered it, and when one goes to the happy fly hunting grounds there are always more to replace it.

I also saw the last slug of the night shift sleeking its way home wherever that would be. During the day you never see them, probably because of the heat. I think they have now become quite night active. At the moment the insects are my only photographic subjects. The birds tend to hide in the branches of the trees, but I can hear them, especially with their dawn chorus,

Yesterday was a day at home. I was feeling quite tired and needed to take a rest. I almost gave up with the computer, but somehow without a daily computer contribution there seems to be something missing in my routine. Actually I spent the evening with a book. I have almost completely given up with the TV. Mr. Swiss tends to watch the old films that he has already seen many times, and they bore me. A book always has something new.

I discovered yesterday that I have a few items I need. I had already made my order which will be delivered today. In this case I will be on my way this afternoon into town. I am feeling a lot more active today and will be glad for a change in scenery.

I will now be on my way for a few housewife hobbies in the apartment. I wish you all a good day/night – the week-end is already tomorrow. I leave you with a photo of my buddleia. They are one of the last bushes in my garden to flower and the buds are now taking on their colours.