Good Morning

At last a nice sunny bright morning capturing a sun that was rising and is still here, which is a wonder. It looks like it will be a bright warm day today and there is even a bird sitting high in the branches of the tree. He must be an early riser as I took the photo about four hours ago. Yes, it is the day when everything is a little later for me. The cleaning lady arrives at 9.30 and stays until 11.30 today as she does not have to clean the kitchen. When the kitchen is on the programme it take half an hour longer. The result is the same. Now I have a wonderfully clean bathroom and shower. She arrives weekly and I am so glad. At the beginning when Mr. Swiss said cleaner, I was a little negative. In my family we did our own cleaning. However, I have now realised how right he was. I still do my own work, but no longer can I manage with tiles and various installations in the bathroom and shower room and there are also two toilets to keep clean. She also helps me with a few other tasks I have due to my mobility problems. However, this morning, whilst she was busy I decided to clean my windows on the side with the kitchen and living room. I think I was under her influence. She never complains, I leave her to it. And now I have wonderful clean windows.

I also got a delivery from my online store and now am set up for the week with everything I need.

My bread supply is also perfect. I baked this one yesterday and still have half for today, although also had a delivery of one loaf from the store. I have also begun my order for the week-end and noticed that most of the products I need are on special offer. Apparently they adapt the prices to my needs. At the moment there is an offer on flour, so I have ordered some for my bread baking sessions. I have enough room in my store room where the temperature is ideal and it is always good to have a reserve supply, especially as next week we have the Easter stress.

The crows paid a visit yesterday and I caught them in the act as they were taking a few trophies from my garden for he nest population. I am sure they have fun cracking open the nuts.

The finch population also paid a visit. I seem to be getting quite a variety of various small birds at the moment. Although it is now approaching the time to stop feeding them, I so love to see them outside.

I was thinking of going somewhere this afternoon as it seems to be a lot warmer now. I did not upload the battery to my scooter yesterday, but my wheelchair should be OK. I uploaded it a few weeks ago, but have not used it since, but it should be OK for a trip to the cemetery or the local castle. I should really make the most of this weather.

And now I should move on. Lunch is cooking and son No. 1 will be home from work in half an hour. It is really uplifting when the real Spring weather arrives, and not just a cheap copy. Have a good day everyone and stay safe.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, it looks like it is going to be another spring day after the storms of yesterday. I arrange my table so it easy for me. Your crow’s picture is outstanding. Crows are intelligent birds. I just finished my breakfast. It was good for a change. bun, an egg, and bacon. did have a pleasant ride this afternoon? Have a stress-free evening.

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    • It was a good day today, but I eventually stayed at home. I was too tired to go anywhere and it is sometimes good to relax. We are getting all sorts of other birds at the moment. Even the magpie arrived this afternoon. That sounds like a good breakfast.

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