Good Morning

The sun has risen again but who knows how long it will stay. Today is a weather mixture, a little sun, some clouds, and the daily dose of a snow shower. This morning there was a layer of ice on the water bowl for the birds with temperatures of down to -3°C during the night. I will be staying at hone until it gets a little warmer. My golden oldie bones do tend to feel the cold temperatures more.

To keep myself busy I am still baking my almost daily bread. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday the appartment smells like a bakery. I make do with bought bread on Tuesday as I do not have so much time to bake when the cleaning lady is here. At the weekend I like a platt bread that I can bake up bought online. I have a very good friend, have not seen her for a few years. She is a farmers wife and farmer’s wives always bake their own bread. It seems to be a tradition, but they live at the source of the flour. She has a special oven and could bake 3-4 loaves at a time.

Due to my bread baking rituals, I now have semi white flour, brown flour and pizza flour as I now bake my own pizza bread. Yesterday I reslised that I should really boost up on my supply of normal white flour for baking a cake. Today I have a Swiss cheese flan for the evening meal with some soup and now also make my own pastry.

I do not do it all on my own, but have the help of this wonderful kitchen aid machine. All I do is toss all the ingredients in the machine and switch it on. It mixes the dough and all I have to do is form it afterwards and leave it to raise. It makes a perfect dough and I do not even have to knead it very much. I needed a new machine as only had a hand mixer and stumbled across this one. I had never heard of Kitchen Aid, but am now a convinced fan. I can also also chop and slice with it and the main advantage is I can use it with no inconvenience and just clean it afterwards and store it, although I always have it ready for use.

It seems to be the season for the chickadees. Yesterday I have three of them enjoying the delicacies on the bird house. I am seeing them more and more at the moment, so they are probably getting into the nesting mood. They usually arrive alone, but three at once is really quite rare for me.

Not like the robin that always arrives on his own. Surely there must be a mate somewhere for him or her.

Otherwise not very much happening in my neck of the Swiss woods. I spent the evening with the TV and hanging up the washed linen from the bed. I caught half of a film about Ninja Mutant Turtles. I had never seen one before, but found it quite amusing. Even Mr. Swiss persevered and watched until the end. He seems to have discovered the fun of the unrealistic characters in films. Of course it had a happy ending where they saved the world and were honoured for their efforts.

And now I am off for the rest of the day. Have a good one everyone and think, tomorrow is the week-end again for those that have one. Many of us are still working for the others during Saturday and Sunday.

And look who paid me a visit yesterday.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You didn’t know Kitchen Aid? What? They have cult status in the States and are horrendously expensive. I had, for many, many years, a BRAUN ‘do it all’ and I was heartbroken when I couldn’t get parts replaced any longer. For me, it was THE kitchen appliance. I later bought a full Turmix Set, incl. mixer, bowls, and what not. Used the slicer once and couldn’t get the blade out of the holder….. Difficult to clean – result: Gave it away when I lived in France, after the robot sat in my basement for a too long time.
    BUT I see now that Braun offers again ‘my’ old style robot, one ‘just’ has to add all the parts I had included (mixer, coffee mill, etc)…. well, well – you might just have given me the courage to look into all that again. Although I sadly have absolutely NO SPACE in my rental kitchen, so maybe not! Thanks anyway – I never knew.

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    • I didn’t know them but read that they are popular in the states. I didn’t find mine too expensive, it was about 250 SFR, but it does everything I Need. Otherwise I have a Braun as an electric hand mixer . I didn’t want one with a mixing bowl and all the gadgets, too much washing up

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  2. Good Morning.
    KitchenAid is something of a tradition for those who use such appliances. The Williams Sonoma store in town sells quite a range of KitchenAid appliances. They are not only practical, but stylish as well. I do not use appliances in my kitchen, but if I did, I would appreciate the stylishness of KitchenAid appliances. My mother had a mixer of some sort. It was pink with chrome, like an old Cadillac.

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    • I stumbled on it by chance on my favourite kitchen appliance online store in Switzerland. I was looking for something to cut my veg and discovered this one did about everything I would need. And it is excellent. The best I have ever had. I have even managed to cut my finger when assembling it because the cutting edges are so sharp, but now I know how to be careful. And it looks good.

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      • Some of the new appliances are designed to resemble the classic old appliances. As much as I dislike modern technology, I do appreciate their standards.


  3. I LOVE my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I’ve had it for about 20 years now and still does the job well. I’d be lost without it. I was wondering where this other little kitty was. Such a pretty one. Teenage Mutant Turtles….when my boys were younger, they used to love to watch them on TV. Funny that the old things become new again. Have a great weekend, Pat.

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    • I love my Kitchen aid mixer. I feel like Jeanie in the film series with Larry Hagmann. Just give it a nod and it does it all. It has its dangers, and if you are not careful it can be your cake mixture might have a light red colouring. I am now very careful when removing or adding the cutters.
      Both kitties are never far away. As a golden oldie I am now catching up on all the old films I missed when bringing up the family. I still have one film of Jurassic Park to see and all the Mutant Turtle films, but I am getting there. I might even begin to read the Marvel comics.

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  4. Good evening, I am late today as I have been watching the Twitter feed about our state legislators. It has given me a laugh. The virus has hit several of them. so now they have recess until April 6. I gave up my mixer years ago as it was heavy and hard to clean. Kathy, Caregiver is cooking a cornbeef dinner for us today. I like seeing your visiter today. Pumpkin is has been keeping us busy. She loves my husband, the feeling is mutual. She tolerates Kathy and me as we feed her but it is at her terms. She is doing her job as a therapy cat. Oh, a series of thunderstorms with lighting pass through the area this morning. Have a stress-free evening and enjoy the TV.

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    • Good evening. Just finished the work by ironing the bed linen, now time to relax. Weather OK here, no rain, but a quick snow shower. Imam now looking forward to a nice quiet week-end.

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