Good Morning

Some mornings are not what you really want. I switched on the computer and immediately got the message that my keyboard battery was low and I should connect it to a USB. Actually no great problem, but when you are a golden oldie and this only happens very rarely, you have to understand what the computer actually wants you to do. After a quick consultation with Internet, my keyboard is now loading and I even found how to see the state of the battery and I am told that it is charging. I am just not as quick to grasp these problems as I used to be. I would ask Mr. Swiss for advice but he was only around for a few minutes before going back to hugging the bed again and I really do not want to disturb him.

It is another dull day with no sign of sign, not even a cloud, just a grey background. It is also quite cold outside. Where has our wonderful Spring weather gone.

I did book a success yesterday. I was making a pizza, just a plain round pizza, and decided to do it all by myself instead of buying a ready made pizza. I often make pizza myself for a Saturday meal, but for a quick no fuss thing I might do a ready made pizza during the week. However, I decided to take the plunge this time. I had a delivery of pizza flour, ordered from my supermarket. There was a recipe on the packet for a pizza dough. It was quite simple actually, just like a bread pastry, but with a added olive oil. I had never done this before, but my trusty kitchen aid machine is one of the best additions I got for my kitchen. Just throw everything in, switch it on and you have the finished product. My pizza pastry looked good. I gave it a bit of treatment, put it in a bowl and covered it with a cloth (like bread) and left it for an hour to rise.

That is the good thing abut yeast pastry, no rush, it does it all on its own. Anyhow I eventually took the risen dough. I had seen how the professionals toss it in the air from one hand to another forming a nice flat round shape. I am not a professional but discovered it was quite an easy pastry to handle. I did not toss it anywhere, but did not use the rolling pin to shape it, but my hands. It was quite elastic and I pulled it into the size and shape needed. I was totally surprised how the pastry behaved. I then put the various toppings on it, sliced tomato, mushrooms, some ham and sliced artichoke hearts (from the tin) with a last layer of mozarella cheese.

I was quite excited and could not resist a look in the oven. It seemed to be behaving, looking like a pizza should.

It looked just like a pizza should when finished and the pastry was as it should be. I was worried I might get a hard pastry, but it had a nice firm base and quite a good texture. The next time I might spread the topping a little more to the edge. From now on I will be making my own pizza pastry. Mr. Swiss also gave the seal of approval and found it much better than the bought rolled out pastry.

In the meanwhile life goes on as usual. My robin was already here for his morning visit, this photo is from yesterday. He is very punctual in his movements and always arrives at the same time.

I had another problem yesterday, this time with my Kindle. I usually read on the Kindle. Sometimes I forget to recharge it so I can use my iPad as an alternative. I finished my book that I had ready for some time and uploaded a new book yesterday. I have a Kindle where I can upload new books wherever I am. However, yesterday it said it had difficulty using my credit card. I had not uploaded a new book for almost a year and realised that in the meanwhile I had a new credit card and the date had expired. This had never happed on my Kindle, so another exercise to get it sorted. I gain asked Aunty Internet and she directed me to amazon. All the instructions were there and all I had to do was to insert the new details. Afterwards I got a message on my Kindle to say I was again back in the club and my new book had been uploaded with no problem. This is online life can sometimes be a little complicated, but I now have peace for almost two years util the card date expires again. On this opportunity I also check my Swiss identity card which is valid for 10 years, I noticed my card will expire this year in November, but all I have to do is to report to the local office in our village and they do the rest to organise a new card, naturally not free of charge.

I again had to inject my MS medicine yesterday. After the experience I had this week I was worried that I might again get fever chills, but everything went well and there were no problems. This sort of thing can happen about one a year, but now everything seems to be back to as normal as it should be.

If the weather improves today and gets a little warmer, I might venture into town this afternoon as I have a few odds and ends to get and my supermarket has again blessed me with a dividend payment of fifty Swiss francs.

Have a good week-end everyone, keep safe and well. Our Swiss government has now decided to start testing as many people as possible for the dreaded Covid. A bit late, but it is being done. I will not need a test as I am in the middle of my vaccine jabs. the first one the beginning of this week and the second and last at the end of the month.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It certainly is something completely different. I often make pizza myself, but buy the ready made rolled pastry and put thge filling on top. This time I organised pizza flour and mixed it all. I nearly always bake my own bread so am used to handling yeast mixtures. I was so surprised and happy that it went so well. I have a very good kitchen machine and the pastry was finished in a couple of minutes.


    • It all started when I began to make my own bread. I had to learn by doing, but realised that half the battle is having the right appliances. and practice. The next step was a pizza pastry. I have the time, and getting used to a life of isolation, although now and again I break out just to see the world. 🙂

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  1. Good Morning!
    Pizza looks rad!
    I never made it. There is a misconception here that all pizza is Italian, and that all of us of Italian descent are experts on the subject. I actually never experienced Italian pizza, and none of my relatives of Italian descent have ever made pizza. The only pizza that I am familiar with, and the most popular pizza here, is American pizza, particularly New York style pizza. Chicago pizza is less common, although also available. I happen to like almost all of it, but do not consider it to be Italian. In fact, Hawaiian pizza (which is the one type that I am none too keen on) has been more popular than Chicago pizza here for a long time, and it is . . . weird.

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    • When we were in New York some years ago we had pizza, but I noticed the pastry was quite thick. I like to cook things myself when possible, and decided to try it and it worked. Switzerland is a country of mixed nationalities, We have a German speaking part (where I live) a French speaking part and in the South an Italian part, so we get the best of all worlds with the food. Being a Brit, we have the reputation that we cannot cook, but you just have to try something else.

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  2. Good afternoon, your sky is similar to mine. Your pizza looks great. It is always good to keep the mind busy. I had a lovely day yesterday but I paid for it last. Our snow-cover mountains were gorgeous from the valley. As the drive-through area, I saw no signs of spring. The trees are still dominant My new glasses are bothering and I starting to get headaches. Did you have a drive somewhere in the afternoon? Stay safe!

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  3. I’ve been considering pizza dough, but my last try at it was not a great success. We have the same mixer and yes, it’s definitely a cooking game changer. Also good for making meat loaf and meat balls. But for making bread, it really is a complete game changer and keep the kitchen mess down to a bearable level. It really isn’t the baking — it’s the clean up because even a small amount of kneading and there’s just flour everywhere. Not the gooey mess it was before the mixer, but just a lot of flour on me, the floor, the counter.

    We are having nice warmish weather right now, but it is supposed to get much colder in a couple of days, so I’m putting off changing the bedding. It’s a bit too warm right now, but when the cold moves in, I’ll be glad I kept the comforter on the bed.

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    • My kitchen aid machine is really good. It mixes the yeast dough quickly and afterwards I just have to form it, not very much physical work with kneading. I rinse the machine iafter using it and put it away. I spread a little flour but it does not need so much. I just have to remember to wear an apron. When the dough has risen I do a bit of kneading, put it in the form and leave it for half an hour to rise again before baking for bread. The pizza dough I can just put the topping on and bake I wipe any flour back into the container with my hand from the surface or into the sink.
      It is quite Cold here, although the sun shines now and again.


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