Good Morning

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Another dull morning: no sunrise and it’s raining again. I managed to drag myself out of bed, feed the birds and organise my morning routine, although I do not really feel like it today. I noticed yesterday I was sneezing a little more than usual and there was an irritation in the back of my throat. I seem to have the beginnings of a cold which I am not very happy about. At the moment it is a nose and head cold, which is not as bad as a throat cold. I am not coughing consistently, my head just feels heavier than normal. However it can only get better, I hope. The weather is getting colder, but nothing extreme and I suspect that one of the many shoppers at the store managed to spread a few germs in my direction. 


Otherwise I was getting constant reminders from my smartphone, iPad and Apple computer that tomorrow is the garden rubbish collection. No. 1 son and I have been preparing the containers, I have two, and filling them with the remainders of Summer. There is quite a lot and we have two such containers. They are the official green disposal trolleys and will be emptied tomorrow. It is all organised. We have an annual programme showing when everything will be collected. I will have to organise No. 1 son to take the two trolleys to our disposal place at the end of the row, today, in preparation.  I will probably be hearing the rumbling of container wheels all day as the other neighbours prepare their garden refuse. Actually it is mainly those that live on the ground floor as we have gardens instead of a balcony. The balcony people just have their potted plants and window boxes.


There is quite a flutter of wings in the morning when I fill up the bird food. Our poor little overweight birds are hungry and must make sure that their beaks do not stay empty.


A drink is also provided to give them something to wash it down with.

I will be off on my usual shopping trip this afternoon and the list is already made. Mr. Swiss has also added a few items meaning a visit to the chemist store. It is next to the supermarket and only a small detour with the car to get there. I was there on Saturday but they did not have everything, so I will pick up the rest today. They have a central supply depot for their medical supplies as they cannot stock everything in the shop. It is all very well organised with prompt deliveries of necessary medication.


Yesterday evening there was a new serial on the British TV. A new production of “The Ware of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells has been made. Of course I know the story. Earth is invaded by space monsters that plan to take over, killing all living earthlings in their way. Eventually the invaders are defeated, not by he british army, but by various bacteria, just the common cold virus. I can understand the logic. At the moment I am also being conquered by a common cold virus, although not being extra terrrstrial I have a chance of surival. The first episode was not bad, but I have seen so many versions of this story, and have also read the book. I will see how it develops.

And now to move on, I have other things to do. Have a good beginning to the week and may it be a good one.