FOWC with Fandango: Buttress

Schanz, Solothurn

I often think that our town is one big fort. Thick walls for protection on the edge, but to protect from whom? I suppose in the olden days there were a few invaders, but today it is only the tourists that invade. Thick walls everywhere with turrets constructed from heavy blocks of granite. Where grass now grows there used to be water, a moat.

The first invaders were the Romans, although there was not a lot to invade. Just a small village on the banks of the river, but it is the oldest town in Switzerland. The Romans moved in and named it Solodurum, today it is known as Solothurn. With time it grew and when towns grow you have to defend them from the others. It all had to do with religion of course, Solothurn being catholic and Switzerland slowly being taken over by the reform church. Anyhow today we all live together in peace and harmony, even if we do speak three different languages. And so we still have our buttresses (for the tourists?).

I found this web site which might be of interest.

11 interesting facts, that you probably didn´t know about Solothurn

FOWC with Fandango: Buttress

Good Morning


I am actually saying good morning in the evening and to prove it I took a few photos outside. The neighbour already has her illuminated Christmas tree in her garden outside.


This photo did not come out so well, but I took it, as the other night photos, only with my telephone camera. It was cold and dark outside and I did not want to have an accident whilst stolpering in the garden. I think my hand was shaking a little as the dots of light became pillars.

Otherwise I will not have so much time tomorrow morning as at 10.30 I will be on the way with Mr. Swiss to the dentist for a dental appointment at 10.45. It is no big deal, as most golden oldies he will be have nice new teeth and we are hoping that we are now approaching the end of the dental work.

Today was a bit of a stress day for me. All sorts of adaptions were necessary on my computer and sometimes that stuff can really get confusing, especially if you are a golden oldie. I got a new credit card a couple of weeks ago, and am still discovering certain payments that do not go through because I have not yet entered the new number. They have now all been completed I hope.

It was a dark day today and I only left the supermarket when it was already dark. I noticed that driving on dark evenings, especially with rain, is not ideal. However I arrived home safely and proudly showed Mr. Swiss the Christmas wreath that I bought.


I got the seal of approval. The first candle will be lit on the first Sunday of Advent, next Sunday. I have not celebrated Christmas for a couple of years, but am now feeling like a little kid and cannot wait to get into action. Over the week-end I will be raiding the cellar to see what I can find for small decorations. And now to move on. I would like to spend a relaxing evening with the TV. Have a good day everyone.