FOWC with Fandango: Because

Supermarket Migros

Because my local supermarket was offering 5x extra points today, my special parking spaces for handicapped were all occupied by non-handicapped.
Because of this I parked on a forbidden parking place.
Because someone suddenly drove off I could shift my car to his place.
Because of this I knew I could now stay there until my shopping was done.
Because there was a special offer on orchids with three flower stalks I decided to buy one.
Because they were cheap, I cashed my grocery supplies first of all to get the full benefit of my 5x points.
Because I also had a voucher for 2x points, I added it to my 5x voucher and eventually had 7x points.
Because it was raining and already dark when I made my way home I did not enjoy my drive home.

I just realised that life is one big because.

FOWC with Fandango

RDP Friday: Winter

papecomputer and handkerchiefs

It’s that time of the year again
Coughing, sneezing, shivering will reign
Turnover is high for a  medicinal cure
Boxes of handkerchiefs begin to mature
With their help you know the cold lasts seven days
Without it lasts a week, so treatment never pays
But winter has a good side
With flurries of white snow
Although not so pleasant
if you have somewhere to go
You will slip and slide,
for warmer weather you beg
And then you have an accident
and might even break a leg
The remedy is clear, and also justified
Wrap yourself up warm and stay inside

Snow 26.11 (13)

RDP Friday: Winter

Good Morning

fat img_4564

It is embarking on the third rainy day. It only rains once, but all day. I still wade my way to the bird feeder in the morning for my fat little sparrows and oversized crows and magpies. I just feel guilty when the birdhouse is empty, although they usually empty it by lunch time.


The sparrows have really taken over, and there seems to be waiting room only. As everyone tells me your should not feed them bread, I have stopped and now they eat their way through 2x 5 Kg packs of bird seed a week, plus a packet of oatmeal.

Yesterday it was the final visit to the dentist for Mr. Swiss. He now has his charming smile again and a sparkle in the teeth. He just has one more check up visit in a couple of weeks.


I did not find a parking spot straight away so dropped him off and drove a couple of times around the block until there was a free place. I took the opportunity to take a few photos when parking. This shows our Swiss Reform church opposite my parking space. The reformists were not into decorations and so it is a simple building, but a good design.

After I parked the car I saw a young female police officer busy inspecting the cars for their parking tickets, and occupying herself with writing out fines for the trespassers. Me being inquisitive could at last pose a few questions. I have a wheelchair sign on my car and a permit for handicapped parking space behind the window. Generally I do not have to pay for my space, but on these particular spaces there are no special spaces for handicapped.  She said that basically I must pay and also told me where the nearest spaces for me were, although it would mean a 5 minute walk (with my walker) after parking. She also said that if a handicapped person with all the permits parks on a normal space and does not pay, they never fine them. I explained that I had not paid, and that my husband was also handicapped, we both being golden oldies. Afterwards I picked up Mr. Swiss, who joined me when he was finished at the dentist and said that he saw the young lady fining people who gave him a special look, probably because she realised it was my other half.


As I was busy taking photos I accidentally pressed the selfie button and this was the result. I decided for once I had a successful selfie, although perhaps a little too much light. In the background I even managed to capture the top half of our entrance gate into town.


As you can see it was a damp day and the streets of the town were not very friendly.

I am now at last finished with my chauffeur musts with Mr. Swiss, although it is my turn next week with a dentist visit, but just a one off.

Today is week-end shopping in the afternoon and I am still planning the week-end menu. I would so like to do something different for the meals, but ideas fail me. No. 1 son has already informed that he will not be here on Saturday evening. It seems there is another rock concert in town. That means I have a little more freedom of choice as he has certain items he does not eat.

First of all I have to get this morning behind me, which will include ironing the bed linen. I am sure my daily trials and tribulations are not so interesting. It seems that today is the so-called black Friday where the stores are full of their special offers. The word as now arrived in Europe, but I prefer online bargain buyings: less stress I have found with experience that the best bargains are the ones you do not buy, because you do not really need them.

And now to move on. Enjoy the day or night wherever you are.