FOWC with Fandango: Volume


It is sugar beet harvest time again. Their volume occupies the side of the field. They are left until the truck picks them up to take them further to the town of Aarberg where they are processed. They are also sometimes loaded onto trains. The sugar consume of Switzerland is mainly sugar beet. This field was just across the road to where I live.


FOWC with Fandango: Volume

November Photo a Day Challenge: 4. Monumental

Old Town with St. Urs cathedral

Our St. Urs cathedral in the neighbouring town of Solothurn towers above al the buildings. It was built some time in the middle ages, designed by a guy called Pisoni and with a few alterations over the years, still remains where it was. You can also climb the tower for a view of the surroundings.

November Photo a Day Challenge: Monumental

Good Morning


What a sunrise it was this morning. At last the grey clouds have gone and the sun is again making a morning appearance.  I am a very lucky person living where I am and being able to witness it all. Of course I celebrated with a few photos to commemorate the occasion.


And then  I had a check on the birdhouse. Yesterday the food was almost gone although this morning it was not entirely empty. I filled it up and now have it on my shopping list as the cupboard is bare. I noticed yesterday that the tits are not just tits, but have different sizes and even colouring. This might be a great tit or a blue tit.


But this is definitely a coal tit with its black cap and greyish feathers. Amonst themselves I don’t think they are fussy, as long as the table is decked.


And now I really should be moving on. Apart from my bird events, everything is quiet at the moment. I spent half an hour tidying this morning. I had the great idea of organising a few things in my computer room to make more space on the shelves. We seem to have become hoarders, especially for cardboard, envelopes and packing material. All in the name of it coming in handy, although it never does. I also had a great idea about shifting some furniture around, but that will have to wait until No. 1 son returns from work.

I also have a second Dyson vacuum cleaner, one of the handy ones that charges with power and hangs up. I am now planning to have it fixed in the laundry room, but that will be a Mr. Swiss job. My laundry room as got a little neglected lately and I have decided to have a clean up, although the room itself has a tiled floor so there will be no great problem.

Otherwise I am off shopping this afternoon. I had a nice relaxed week-end, but now the week begins again with all sorts of bits and pieces. Have a good day everyone, time is calling me, but I could not go without showing yet another wonderful dawn photo.