Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #71 – Creepy


I took this photo in our cellar a couple of days ago. Creepy is just another word for it, until I switched the lights on, but where is it leading? Is it a passage to infinity or is there something waiting at the end. I survived to tell the story. The next time I go down to the lanundry room I will definitely close the door behind me.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #71 – Creepy

FOWC with Fandango: Rely

You are the salt of the earth
The crust on my pie
The milk in my coffee
I just cannot lie

My world is complete
When you are around
You support me so often
When my hopes hit the ground

I cannot be without you
And I rely on your best
Sometimes you have problems
And then you have a rest

But we carry on together
We fight through thick and thin
There are evils outside
But against them we will win

You are everything for me
Salt of the earth and tutor
What would I do all day
Without my faithful computer

Apple computer

FOWC with Fandango: Rely

RDP Tuesday: Vast

Jura 14.07 (1)

Endless clouds stretching to infinity
As far as the eye sees
Will they never stop arriving
Tumbling upon each other
“I was here first” “No, it is my place”
And so the smaller puffs slip into the gaps between
And the mountains move to allow for more space
“Watch us float”  shape shifters each one of them
Others just hanging, suspended on invisible threads
Their turn will come, but until that time they will wait
for the threads to break and they will come tumbling down

Becoming one vast entity

RDP Tuesday: Vast

Good Morning


Better late than never. This morning my cleaning lady is here and my routine is a little different. And when I saw this sun rise I just had to take a few photos. Even the moon is reflected in the top right hand corner as it was on its way to the other side of the world. Now I am awake and ready to go, although today I have no intentions of going anywhere. I have become a little lazy lately and prefer to take it easy at home.


The only interesting photos I have at the moment are from my ornithological visitors, the birds. They seem to be quite happy feeding from my bird house or the ground with their menu. I also noticed they are getting quite round.


The crows and magpies are always the first to arrive in the morning for breakfast and usually disappear with the bread that I put out for them from the dried ends of the loaf. The magpies are quite careful when the crow is around. He gets the first pickings of course, being a head and shoulders taller than the others.

Yesterday was again a shopping day and Mr. Swiss came with me as he had to get his eye glasses repaired. Luckily he had two pairs made when he got the new ones. They did a temporary repair job on the frames and a new frame has been ordered which should arrive by tomorrow. Whilst I was on my food buying quest for survival, Mr. Swiss stocked up on his various treats that he like to have in the kitchen, not necessarily for survival. It was a dismal rainy day and we were both glad when we arrived back home. My No. 2 son is keeping me nicely informed regarding the new arrival in the family of my grandaughter. She is doing well.

And that’s that for now. I must see what the day holds for me. Lunch is cooking, and even if I am doing it myself, I must say it does smell quite good: chopped beef with veg and  saffron rice.


And now to continue with daily life. Enjoy the day