FOWC with Fandango: Can


“What’s that? A tin of tomatoes?”

“Of course not, well not just a tin of tomatoes. It is a work of art. A photo showing my artistic talents.”

“A tin of tomatoes from my kitchen. You mean when I put them in the spaghetti sauce I am actually eating a work of art. Taste like tomatoes to me.”

“No you just do not understand. There was an American guy who painted a picture of a tin of Campbells soup and he became famous throughout the world. Now it is my turn. My tin of tomatoes will be my trade mark.”

“But it is not a painting, a photo and they have thousands of those tins in the local supermarket.”

“That is not the point. My tin is unique, look, I even did it in an enhanced version.”


“Nothing special in that. Looks the same to me but without colour. Are the tomatoes also in black and white when the tin is opened.?

“Of course not, it is just my artistic monochrome colouring feature.”

“Did that American guy do that as well?

“Definitely not, that was my idea. True artists do not copy, we only produce originals.”

“But the idea was not original and all you did was use your photo app on the computer. Instead of spending half the morning on playing with photos of a can of tomatoes, you should spend the time opening the can and cooking lunch. And don’t forget to put the spices in the sauce, just in the colour they grow with.”

FOWC with Fandango: Can

RDP Thursday: Architect

HESO 31.08 (3)

You never know what you are going to get at our annual trade fair HESO when they begin to build at the end of August. The fair doesn’t open its doors for the public until the end of September, so you know it will be a long building process. This year it began wih the wooden framework

HESO 05.09 (1)

And after a couple of weeks we were beginning to see some colour in the architectural construction work.

HESO 12.09 (4)

And this was almost the finished product. Afterwards it became a hall featuring Energy: On Off. When this pavillion was completed it was open for the public and a week later it was demolished. There are some architectural works that are just not meant to last forever I suppose.

RDP Thursday: Architect

Good Morning


It should be “Good Evening” as I am doing this one in the evening, so here is a photo of an afternoon sky just to mix it up a little more. This morning I will be taking Mr. Swiss to the dentist and will be away about an hour, so thought I would write my piece this evening.


I even managed to get a photo of a pair of sparrows enjoying a drink outside on the porch today.

Today I really had a stress day, although my own fault. I was doing my usual routine in the morning and suddenly remembered I should change the bed linen today. I had already made the beds, so I had to unmake them again. Tomorrow I will be at the dentists in the morning with Mr. Swiss and no more time for the job this week. And so I peeled the bed linen, cleaned under the beds and covered the beds with new sheets and new covers on the duvet and cushions. In between I prepared lunch, with help from Mr. Swiss, thank goodness and somehow I had it all finished for lunch. I had to get it done as son No. 1 had to go back to work afterwards. The beds were eventually finished and after dinner I collapsed into one of the newly made beds for half an hour sleep.

Afterwards I was off shopping to the store, more stress.


Christmas is slowly becoming noticeable at the store and the first selection of poinsettia have arrived. I thought I would buy one, but had so much else on my mind that I forgot. However, they will not all be sold today and I can pick one up the next time, which will probably be tomorrow afternoon as I will be taking Mr. Swiss to the store with me to pick up his glasses which are being replaced. The first pair, new, broke at the joint.

Today was a weight lifting job with the shopping as I had to get two crates (each one with 6 1-1/2 liter bottles) of mineral water and pepsi as well as the rest of the supplies to carry me through until Friday lunch. I am now hoping for a nice relaxing evening in front of the TV. I hope your day tomorrow/today  be a better one, today mine was really not so good.

I managed to find time today to take a photo of the supermarket Christmas Tree that arrived last week. Have a good day everyone, will be back later.