FOWC with Fandango: Root


We once had a wonderful wisteria in the garden. It grew and grew and grew. It grew to the extent that during the summer we no longer had any natural sunlight in the rooms as the wisteria was blocking it all out.

It then began to reach up and started to attack the balcony belonging to the neighbour above. Actually she was thrilled having such a wonderful plant taking over. However I was not thrilled knowing how a wisteria with its branches can intertwine itself in anything that was in the way and one day her balcony above would be bent and shaped by the wisteria.

Eventually the day came when we had to make a decision. Even the roots had begun to spread forming a small hollow in the earth. The mice loved it, their own little appartment. The wisteria had to go.

The End of the Wisteria

These were the remains, but not quite.

Wisteria roots

The branches were easily removed, but the root? Yes that was another problem. They were thick and had found places everywhere. Eventually the wisterial disappeared, but not after trying a comeback. It was at least two years until we saw the last of new shoots poking through the ground from the roots that still remained. Wisteria are wonderful plants, but do not trust them. They can take over.

FOWC with Fandango: Root

RDP Monday: Rouse


In the wrong place, at the wrong time
Sitting on the wall and wanting to climb
Looking for a warm spot, it is almost Winter
She decided to move on, although was not a sprinter
The biological clock was thinking it was Spring
Something wrong somewhere, the queen looking for a King
And suddenly she was gone, she did not find a spouse
Will she return again? Will wait for nature to rouse.

RDP Monday: Rouse

Good Morning


Nothing very spectacular this morning. No sunrise, although it is probably there. hidden behind the mists that we have. It is also quite fresh outside, but nothing to stop me filling up the bird feeders dressed in my padded long black coat.


The first arrivals are already here. Where there are birds, there are always sparrows, at least in Europe. Mine seem to be growing getting quite round. I think they are having a comfortable life in my garden. Now the neighbour has also put out her bird house, so they never have empty beaks.

Yesterday we had a little bit of excitement.


I was busy in the kitchen with cooking lunch and heard the noise of a flying object. Mr. Swiss had a look and said it was a very large helicopter. It seemed to be flying over the river. Luckily it stayed a while and so I had time to take a few photos. Wanting to be sure I would miss nothing, I had 40 photos eventually, but not all were so good.

As soon as it rose out of the trees I got a better look. After uploading them I realised it was a “REGA” helicopter which is our Swiss Air Rescue, used in the mountains and other difficult places to rescue mountineers or people that have wandered off the beaten path, and other such emergencies.  They also carry their own doctors if necessary. I noticed on some of the photos there were two guys sitting at the open door of the helicopter looking down. Mr. Swiss, having more Swiss experience than me, said that there could have been an accident on the river. Perhaps someone fell in  and they were searching for floating objects. They hovered above for at least an hour. Being one of their larger helicopters, it made a corresponding noise and you could hear the “brumm, brumm, brumm” constantly.


Eventually it departed. I had a look in the newspaper this morning but did not find anything.

After dinner I settled down to a nice comfortable sleep as my chores for the day were not yet finished. It was time to tank up the car and Sunday afternoon is always a good time to it. No-one visits the local pumping station on Sunday so I would have it all to myself.

Langendorf Migros

When I arrived it was how I expected it to be, nicely deserted and I have the pick of the pumps. My favourite is No.2, with a comfortable parking space on the right side opposite my lid to the tank.  I should really do this more often as I did have a little problem opening the tank lid, turning it in the wrong direction. There was only one other person there, a nice guy and we exchanged a few words. Being a man he was more adept at tanking than I was, although he did say all these electronic devices using the plastic cards were getting more and more complicated. I was actually glad he was there, and sometimes you do need a little assistance with the intricacies of filling her up. I was eventually finished, but had a second errand to complete.

Next week I will have to visit the authorities with my sons. I know where the building is, not too far away and near my car sales place, but the route is a little different. I like to be prepared for these different routes, and I had studied it all on the computer with the route. There was a small roundabout that I had never seen and so I made my way to see how complicated it could be. As the roads are almost empty on Sunday afternoon I had another advantage. After my online studies I found it with no problem, it was quite simple really and there were even four nicely reserved parking spots for visitors at the building in question. Full of confidence for my visit next week, I eventually made my way home. And that was my exciting Sunday.

Today a new week begins, but nice and straight forward with nothing completely different, I hope. There will be a shopping safari this afternoon which reminds me I have not yet made a list.


Have a good beginning to the week, may it be a good one – if not, remember it can only get better.