FOWC with Fandango: Tout

I mentioned to an online colleague today that I often have problems with our one word prompts, mainly because I have forgotten words or had no knowledge of many modern expressions in the english language. I often have to look up the words in the German language. I have been in Switzerland for 50 years and speak Swiss German daily, although naturally you never forget your mother tongue, mine being english (cockney). Of course I can still speak english, and write it, but with age and distance it does not get easier. And the word “tout” was for me French, although I remember it from the ticket touts especially at the British  Soccer Cup Final in London, when they were stand outside the stadion to make their profits on their tickets being sold for twice the price.

Garbage collection 26.08.2018

We give it away here twice a year. Mark it in your calandar. You need something, then just take a walk in the area or perhaps drive through in a truck. Anything unwanted is on the edge of the road waiting to be collected by the special garbage collection. You are certain to find something you might need. Here someone is disposing of a garden grill, a table and kitchen equipment. This is the metal collection.

Feldbrunnen estate 13.08 (1)

The day after it is time for the unwanted furniture. Here someone has an ironing board to dispose of or a chair. Touting is for the those that collect and want to sell for a profit. Our twice a year disposal is free.

FOWC with Fandango: Tout

RDP Sunday: Comprise


Different countries have different systems for their recycling disposal. We have neat little metal containers with a hole in the middle for the various glass bottles, and it is not just glass. It might be brown, clear or green and for each sort there is a different receptacle. There are also these metal containers for your own metal. This is the one in our village. We actually have two organised places, but I can drive here comfortably and No. 1 son does the necessary and disposes of our waste to be recycled. It looks very simple, but I was once in town when these objects were being emptied.

It looks like it must be done quite often as the they are not so big.  And then I saw this.

Emptying the garbage containers 06.09 (3)

I heard the noise of a large lorry, it motor churning away and then I saw what was hidden in the ground. The actual metal receiver is quite small at the top, but below in the depths there is an enormous container where the glass goes. It needs a lorry to carry it all away. The crane clicks into the top part and pulls. It lifts the top receiving part and the complete unit is pulled out of the ground. Who would have thought that this simple disposal unit comprises such an enormous receiving area. At least it is all glass that can be recycled and not plastic.

RDP Sunday: Comprise

Good Morning


My Japanese maple tree is losing its leaves thick and fast. Someone will have to gather them together, preferably today. I am hoping that I can persuade No. 1 son to do the necessary. Yesterday he gathered all my wilted hosta leaves for the compost bin and I did not even have to ask.

Yesterday evening seemed to be an evening of celebrations. It all begun with Germany. Although we have a Swiss TV for our national news and interests, it is not so big in the entertainment sector and so yesterday evening we watched the  German TV, especially Berlin, celebrating 30 years since the Berlin Wall fell and the people again regained their freedom to live their lives without being under the eyes of the Democratic Republic of Germany. We do not have any connections to East Germany, but I remember watching the scenes on the TV 30 years ago of the event. One of the aspects at the time were that various musicians got together and gave a spontaneous concert in Berlin. That was the time of Udo Lindenberg, a well known German singer, and even David Hasselhoff and Bruce Springsteen appeared in various concerts.

We now have 2019, 30 years later, and not only Berlin and Germany have changed in the meanwhile, but also the music. We watched the 2019 concert for a while, Mr. Swiss and I, but half an hour was enough. Where is the good music gone from 30 years ago? Yesterday it was beefy men walking around, making strange movements with their arms and singing, no it was talking, music known as rap. I don’t mind rap as such, but there are limits, and not for such a concert. Otherwise there were a couple of singers, and music being played on a “laser harp” whatever that is. It did not sound so good. Times have changed and the atmosphere of 1989 was no longer. 30 years ago I was 43, not a young chicken, but I did enjoy the popular music. Today it is no longer music, more a microphone speech with music in the background.

Eventually Mr. Swiss retired to bed and I was left with a TV programme of my own choice. Usually on Saturday evening on the British TV there is one of those hospital programmes “Casualty” where you get all sorts of emergency cases being delivered to Holby City, a TV hospital.

However, tomorrow is armistice day, when we celebrate the end of the last world war. For some time I have proudly been wearing my poppy in my coat and yesterday evening was the memorial concert in the Albert Hall in London. Even the Queen and the family were present  sons, daughter and all the attachments. I got caught up in the programme and I must say it was a little moving to see the old soldiers being celebrated. On one part of the programme they featured the relief of Monte Cassino in Italy, one of the war turning points. Everyone helped the Brits and it was amazing to see the various nations that took part. A special mention was made to the Polish soldiers that had  escaped from Poland and had their own British regiment. I was particularly interested as my dad was at Monte Cassino doing his bit, and came home to tell it all, which many did not. These little events are now probably lost amongst the youngsters, but when you grew up with it, you realise there are some things that should not be forgotten.


So let us return to today’s world, and yes the sparrows and the gang are at it again, gathering together and eating as if famine would be breaking out. I filled up the bird feeders this morning as usual.


It seems that the crow an magpie are getting more friendly and even appear together, although when food is concerned it is every bird for itself, no matter what sort.

I remained at home yesterday and made no excursions into the wilderness. It was not a very friendly day and I was quite content at home. Today is Sunday and I again I will not be going places. It is also quite cold outside and I have a few things to deal with at home. I detached my two hoses from the garden connections yesterday and will put them into the cellar for their winter hibernation.


I am now off to further pastures so enjoy the day – see you later.