FOWC with Fandango: Prudent


Pamela was so happy. Today was the day when they had their annual dinner and dance and Dr. Johnson had promised her the first dance. She had put her best red dress on, the one with the bows making a row down the front. Her mother had even bought her the silver shoes she saw in an order catalogue. She could not do any shopping herself as she easily got lost in town. She was forgetful and had problems with money so she left that sort of thing to her mother or her sister. Now Pamela was almost ready; just a touch of lipstick and some eye makeup and she would be the belle of the ball. Well that was what mother always said. Her mother would not be there, the celebration was reserved for Pamela and her friends, together with the doctors and nurses.

Everything in the canteen had been decorated with colourful paper strips hanging from the ceiling. There was a cocktail bar arranged in the corner. Of course, not real cocktails, but the drinks were pretty, some blue, some green, red and orange and you could drink what you wanted to, although Nurse Janet told Pamela she could only drink one or two as the sugar in them was not good for her. Nurse Janet was always telling Pamela what she could and could not do. Nurse Janet just spoilt everything, so Pamela decided to ignore her when she could.

The food was great. There was lots of crispy chicken piled up on plates, fried potatoes and corn on the cob, as well as tomato ketchup to go with it if you wanted it. Pamela loved putting ketchup on everything, she decided red was her favourite colour. She was not very happy about where she was sitting. That stupid Bobby Smith sat down next to her.

“Is this place available” he asked.

She just wanted to tell him it was reserved when Nurse Janet was standing there.

“Of course you can sit there Bobby, I am sure Pamela does not mind such a nice gentleman sitting next to her.”

Pamela was annoyed. She was looking for Doctor Johnson, but he had not yet arrived. If he had already been there she was sure he would have sat next to her.

The main course was served and now ice cream arrived for all. Pamela loved ice cream, but she did not like the way Bobby was eating it.

“Be careful Bobby, its melting and dripping all down the spoon onto your clothes.”

“No problem” he laughed that silly laugh he had and took the paper serviette to clean it away.

Pamela looked away from him and saw Dr. Johnson entering the room. She laughed and waved at him. He looked in her direction and then Nurse Janet went over to him and took his arm to lead him to an empty chair.

“Typical Nurse Janet” she thought. “Why does she always interfere and now she is talking to him and taking his attention away from me.”

Pamela decided to do something about this and walked over to Dr. Johnson.
“Hello Dr. Johnson”

“Why Hello Pamela you are looking particularly attractive this evening with your lovely red dress and makeup. A real lady you are.”

“Dr. Johnson the music is starting and you promised the first dance.”

“Of course I did Pamela, but first of all I want to try one of these fortune cookies. You know what it says. They will tell you how your future will be. Take one as well Pamela and see what it says.”

“Oh yes, Pamela, you must try it” said Nurse Janet, “I will have one as well.”

“So Ladies” said Dr. Johnson, “what do your fortune cookies say?”

“Well mine says “Romance comes into your life this year in a very unusual sort of way” and Nurse Janet smiled at Dr. Johnson and he smiled back. Pamela was annoyed especially when their eyes met. It was as if what the fortune cookie said was something private between the doctor and the nurse.

“So tell us what yours says Pamela” asked Dr. Johnson.

When Pamela took the paper out of her cookie it said “The smart thing to do is to start trusting your intuition.”

“What does that mean” she asked Dr. Johnson, but Nurse Janet butted in and explained that Pamela should do what she knows must be done.

Pamela listened very carefully, repeated the words twice as she had been told when she did not quite understand everything she should let it go through her head until she did. She decided that it was a good thought to have.

Now it was Dr. Johnson’s turn to open his fortune cookie. Pamela was so excited as she was sure it would be the answer to her dreams.

It said “Say I love you and mean it, you can’t do that enough.”

“Well I never” he said and looked at Nurse Janet deep into her eyes. “I think that is what we have been waiting for Janet.”

“I think so too, Bob. My fortune cookie told me that romance came to me this year and that is so true”

Pamela was shocked, she could hardly keep herself under control. Dr. Johnson and Nurse Janet spoke to each other with their first names.

It was then that Doctor Johnson stood up and tapped on his glass to call order.

“I am glad that everyone is enjoying the annual dance this year. I would just like to make an announcement. You all know our Nurse Janet and what a jewel she is helping us all. Well I too have found her to be a treasure and my fortune cookie agrees as well. Janet you know I love you, I can’t tell you that enough. That is what the fortune cookies says and I am sure you will be glad to hear that our Nurse Janet has accepted my proposal and will marry me next week.”

Pamela was heartbroken and she left the room choking back the tears. Since she had been in the clinic for the mentally handicapped, she had never met anyone that she cared for as much as Dr. Johnson. “And now because of a stupid fortune cookie he had told everyone he would be marrying that witch Nurse Janet.”

It was then that Pamela remembered the words on her fortune cookie. That night after everyone had retired to bed she sneaked out of her room, still wearing her lovely red dress, down the corridor to Dr. Johnson’s surgery. She could hear voices. When she opened the door they were both standing there with their arms around each other, Dr. Johnson and Nurse Janet.

Pamela was put into a special prison for the handicapped. The charge of murder could not be brought against someone that was mentally handicapped. It was rather a brutal killing. She had taken a heavy glass paperweight from Dr. Johnson’s desk and hit both the doctor and nurse Janet on the head with it. She was glad that she had worn her red dress. She did not want to look as grubby as stupid Bobby Smith after eating ice cream and after all, red was her favourite colour. She gave as her defence the words on her fortune cookie “The smart thing to do is to start trusting your intuition”.

FOWC with Fandango: Prudent

Good Morning


This morning is dull and rainy. An hour has aleady gone since I left my bed and I am only relaxing now with my breakfast and the computer. I had a laundry to remove which reminded me of last night’s catastrophe. I put the washing in the machine and when it was finished went down to the laundry room to get it. Strange, I thought, only the bed linen was in the machine, where was the rest? in my stress actions yesterday I forgot to put everything in the machine and I really did not want to do it all again today. It was a 1 hour and 10 minute wash, 10.10 in the evening, so I did a second wash with the rest. At 11.30 the machine was finished, I descended to the laundry room, removed the wash  from the machine and hung it up. This morning everything was dry and washed, but that was a stress situation I really did not need: a golden oldie forgetfulness.

Yesterday went well in the morning, although I even had to get to the dentist with Mr. Swiss by 9.30. I found a nice parking space just behind the dentists and went with him. He only had a half hour appointment so I waited until he was finished. I busied myself with taking a few photos, one of which was Mr. Swiss sitting in the dentist chair and the dentist doing his thing.  The door happened to be open to the waiting room. Luckily we know our dentist quite well, a young guy with humour thank goodess. He even posed a little for the photo. And no, I am not showing the photo here, some things are to be kept for private viewing, but it is really amazing how you look when being dealt with in a dentist chair. Even the dentist looks like something from outer space with his magnifying  goggles.


I also took a photo of the street outside the dentist. It is mainly the back entrances to the stores at the front and it seemed to be the delivery day yesterday. Our back streets are very narrow,  only  allowed for delivery cars, otherwise just for pedestrians.  I would be allowed to park there because of my handicapped permit, but I ask how. Fitting in those little spaces is not my thing and how would I escape afterwards when everything is packed with waiting transport. As I was waiting for Mr. Swiss there were two other golden oldies also waiting for their dentist and I notice each one of us had a walker. Mr. Swiss had already parked his walker next to the dentist wardrobe. It was almost a traffic congestion.


I also took a photo of this wonderful amaryllis in the dentist reception. When Mr. Swiss was finished and we were ready to go, he realised he no longer had his mobile phone. I called him with mine but it was not ringing anywhere. I thought it might have fallen in the car. On the way to the car my mobile rang and it was No. 1 son. He said that dad’s phone was ringing at home. I then realised he had fogotten to take it with him, so that problem was solved. Thank goodness for a thoughtful son. He might be an autist, but he reacts very well in such situations.


And how’s this for an action photo yesterday. I was just snapping a few photos outside and got the sparrows in a descent approach. And now to carry on with my daily routine. It is week-end shopping day and it will be combined with a short visit to the opticians for Mr. Swiss. My plan is made for the week-end food which I did yesterday evening whilst waiting for the washing machine to finish in the cellar. I am hoping there will be no emergency situations today.

Hope you all have smooth runnings with no unplanned interruptions.


These two seem to be on the lookout for something.