FOWC with Fandango: Ending

A treetree-29.12.2019

I took a wheelie at the week-end taking photos here and there, the usual route, and then I saw this. A tree that is no longer there. For many years I would go past this tree, sometimes horses would graze below it. I must admit there was not very much left of the tree, just bare branches, but somehow it belonged to the landscape.

Tree, Baselstrasse farm 20.04.2019

And now it has gone forever. Its branches will no longer have their majestic appearance, as if reaching out to say “I am here and will stay forever”. Ivy had been creeping up the bark for some time, and so it was decided that its time had come: the end of a year, the end of a tree forever. Tree I will miss you.

FOWC with Fandango: Ending

RDP Tuesday: Stellar

New Car

On 27th December 2018 I got my new car, meaning that I have now had it for year. My very first proper car that i bought myself, dealing with a salesman at our garage, deciding which car to buy and even insuring it and all the other bits and pieces. Dealing with the national authorities, getting it permitted to go onto the road. I even closed an insurance for legal dealings in case it might be necessary due to an accident. And no, there have been no accidents, anyhow nothinng too grave. I did have a little encounter with another car, but no permanent damage done. She had a scratch and so did I, but curable to no extra costs. What do they say, that’s life.

I remember when I picked up my car. It was enshrouded in a green cloth, hidden from view and the car salesman unveiled it and even took a photo of me at the moment in time when I could say, “It is all mine”. The make is a Skoda, which is very much similar to Volkswagon, but a little cheaper in price. Mr. Swiss no longer drives a car, which is the main reason why I did it.


And what were the other highlights of the year?

Actually it was not a bad year after all we looking back. Not once did I have to go to the hospital in an ambulance. In 2018 I had a couple of stupid falls, nothing dramatic, but I cannot stand up under my own power and I needed those stronge muscular ambulance men to pick me up again. This year I did not fall once (more luck than judgement) and also did not break any bones. It was in January 2018 that I broke my leg. I discovered this year that having Multiple Sclerosis is not fun and no matter what treatment you have, it progresses. There is no cure. I inject every second day and I suppose it does help. The illness has many faces and mine leads to disablement of the limbs. I can still manage to walk in a Monty Python way of Ministry of Silly walks style, but with time the ability decreases. Next year might bring the permanent usage of a wheelchair, but let us wait and see.

This year was a chauffeur driven year, taking Mr. Swiss to various appointments for having new eyes and teeth. And in November I became grandmother for the second time, this time it was a granddaughter, so now I have one of each sort.

And today it comes to the end of a decade. I am curious to know how my sitution develops during the next year, but I take it as it comes and intend to continue blogging. Happy New Year everyone and may it be a good one, but who knows. It is written in the stars.


RDP Tuesday: Stellar

Good Morning


We are having no sunrises at the moment in the morning, so I am still dwelling on my photos on my last wheelie at the week-end. Then the sun was shining in the afternoon and the top part of our village was showing itself in its best way with the church and surrounding trees. In the background the Jura mountains which look over everything. This part is the highest peak in our area, known as the Hasenmatt (rabbit meadow translated). It has a sprinkle of snow but only at the top. In my very young days, before I even met Mr. Swiss, I climbed it with a couple of friends, although climbing is too much said. It was more  steep walk,  but rewarding with the view from the top over the Solothurn middle land.


Otherwise my journey yesterday was restricted to the supermarket to cater for the coming New Year Days. I am glad the Christmas rush is over, but when I arrived at the parking lot yesterday I saw that people just cannot leave it and all the lots were occupied and the visitors were parking again in places that I did not even know you could fit a car in. I drove on to the spaces reserved for the handicapped and lo and behold I found an empty one thank goodness. I discovered that this year people are a little more considerate about leaving those spaces open for those that need them. Last year was a catastrophe and everyone was using them.

By the way the word “Aktion” showing on the various items actually means “special reduced prices” for us, and sometimes it really pays off. Meat is very expensive in Switzerland and if you can get it 30% or more reduced, it is worth it. I prefer to buy my meat over the counter. I get served by people I have got to know and can pick and choose what I want. I had a long list yesterday, but had completed it in an hour. Although there were many shoppers, our supermarket is quite spacious and there was no problem moving around.

I am not doing special meals for New Year, just the normal. I very much doubt that we will stay up until midnight tonight to see the New Year in. In our younger and more fitter days we would crack a bottle of Champagne (Sekt) and Mr. Swiss and I would toast in the New Year. This is now a thing of the past and we are usually hugging the beds at least an hour before.


On my last wheelie I noticed that the horses had been relased for a walk on the field and were making the most of the grazing possibilities on the meadow.

Today is planned  a day at home. My shopping is done until Thursday afternoon and I am taking it easy. I now and again think about leaving the blogging for a couple of days, but it never seems to work that way and I still find myself on the computer in the afternoon.

But now I am off to what I should do: clear up the place a bit and get organised. Have a good day everyone and if you are around at midnight, then toast us bed huggers that will be missing all the action.


FOWC with Fandango: Musical

Break Dance 24.08 (13)

What can a golden oldie write about being musical today. At the moment there is a programme on the BBC TV called “Top of the Pops”. This programme is not new, it was on the TV when I was 50 years younger, or perhaps even more. In those days we had groups like The Beatles, Rollng Stones, Searchers. Dave Clark Five and a few more. They were our idols, we could sing along and remember the songs afterwards. We had hit parades showing the best songs, the ones that sold the most.

And now I was watching Top of the Pops with todays music hits, Did I say music? I now realise that I am no longer a golden oldie, just an oldie. I questioned Mr. Swiss how he found the so-called modern music. He might be 8 years older than me, but found that the modern music is not so bad. The quality of the recordings was not so good, and times have changed.

They definitely have changed. I find nothing musical about reapeating the same accords time and time again and even the same words, but I am now too old to go with the music taste it seems. I took the photo at a local gathering of break dance. They were dancing, more like an acrobatic exercise, and they was background music, but sorry I no longer get it. I give up. Where are the tunes that I could remember and sing to?

However let us not tar them all with the same brush. I happen to know these two guys, they were young men working in the company where I worked. They are twins and have made a local name in “rap”. I just found this video and it was filmed on one of our local mountains. So enjoy, I did – there must be a rescue for this oldie after all.

FOWC with Fandango: Musical

RDP Monday: Pastel

Sky over Feldbrunnen

“Cupid have you been playing with my paint box again?”

“Stay cool Juppy, I got one of my own for the midwinter solstice and thought I would add a bit of romance to the sky. I am fed up with the blues and greys and sometimes even black, according to your moods.”

“That is not the way things are done here Cupid. I am Jupiter, not Juppy, and I decide the mood of the day.”

“How am I supposed to do my job when you ruin it all with your boring skies. Boy meets girl, I sharpen up an arrow, or two and then we get rain and a clap of thunder and the arrow misses its targets. Since I painted the sky with some pastel colours everyone is falling in love.

“I am not in the mood for love Cupid.”

“I thought you had your eyes on Venus.”

“I did, but she stood me up for Saturn, she said he was always looking on the bright side. and here she comes.

“What a wonderful sky, was that your idea Juppy.”

“I was thinking about it Venus.”

“Typical Juppy, just because he is the boss he takes the credit for everything.”

“Oh, hello Cupid. Now you can really go to town with your bow and arrow.”

“At last, I was thinking of having a shot to keep my arm in practice.”

“Go ahead Cupid.”

“I thought you were together with Saturn.”

“I was, but he was shining so bright, I had to wear dark glasses all the time.”

“Ok then here I go “twang” and another “twang””

“Ouch. You pierced me with your arrow Cupid.”

“Of course I did Juppy and I also pierced Venus, so make the most of it.”

Venus and Jupiter did not exactly live happily together for ever after, only until Cupid used up all his new paints and Jupiter took over again with some stronger colours. Cupid found it was worth the effort to paint a few pastel skies now and again.

RDP Monday: Pastel

Good Morning


Mornings are again grey and nothing special. During the day the skies brighten up and yesterday afternoon it was clear blue skies with not a cloud to be seen. I broke out. My only journeys have been to the stores lately. It was Sunday and I decided to see what nature was doing during the colder days. Our house mountain, Weissentein, had its usual customary coating of snow on the front meadows. It is its trade mark in Winter and we call that patch the “bib”. The building is the restaurant and over the past couple of years an extension was built on the righthand side, more restaurant space. I have not been up there for a  couple of years and due to the progression of my MS would probably not be able to manage the journey. Getting to the top is not such a problem in the cabin on the lift, but walking around afterwards would be a bit tricky.


I decided to wheel on to the local castle and met this lady on the way mounted on her horse. It was on the path to the castle and there are stables on the way. She was being accompanied by the guy on the bike next to her. You meet all sorts on a country walk here. In the background you can see the Sunday walkers taking the castle path.


I moved on, and met these two that had also decided to take a walk in the sun. I am not sure if it was the good weather that drew them out, or just the search for food. There is a chicken coup next to the stables and often the chickens make the great escape although the rooster calls them to return.


I was glad to see that the goats have now been moved to their own pen on the path, making it easier for a photo.


There are a pair and have been at the farm/stables for a couple of years. Last year they had two kids, so perhaps they will be rearing a family again this year.

I really enjoyed my journey. It was quite cold and all the other walkers I saw had their hats and gloves on. There were quite a few enjoying the sunny afternoon. I had not planned to be away for a long journey. It is all in the top half of our village through the cemetery, onto the local castle Waldegg and a tour of the animals.

Today it is again a tour of the supermarket to get in supplies for the New Year. Everything is closed from 4.00 in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve until 2nd January. 2nd January is St. Bartholomew’s day and also used to be a Swiss holiday, but over the years the large stores now open on 2nd January. I am glad as planning ahead with food can get a little complicated when everything is closed for a longer time. After today my next trip will be on 2nd January to get a few supplies.

In between life carries on, whether 2019 or 2020 and there will still be some laundry to to and daily chores, although the chores have been reduced. Even a golden oldie likes a holiday in between.


I am now off for now, but leave you with a photo of the local castle reflecting the afternoon sun with the Jura mountains in the background. I have taken many photos of this castle, but never tire of the view.

Have a good day everyone, and hope you have a few good highlights now and again.