FOWC with Fandango: Flair


The scene is set, Crow and magpie together
Time for a photo, the opportunity almost never
The birds have seen me, they begin to stare
I am convinced it is perfect, do I have the flair?
The crow and the magpie have a quaff
They begin a battle and the magpie flies off
So is life, when it all should go well
And so I flare up, makes me want to yell

FOWC with Fandango: Flair

RDP Saturday: Ostentatious


Not every day you get a new supermarket. It even belongs to the Swiss chain where I do my shopping and is within a 10 minute  walk from my home. I can even do it in my electric wheelchair within 5 minutes. It has been planned for at least a year. It used to be the place of my local car handler, but they moved out into an industrial area and so the time was ready for something completely different.

It opened its doors to the public last week. No. 1 son already had a closer inspection on the opening day and now it was my turn to have a look.  I have been occupied with other tasks lately, but my timetable is now looking normal for the next week and so I decided to have a look today. Of course the opening was crowned with extra 10% on purchases and the entrance had been decorated in the colours of the shopping centre, basically orange.


As I approached the supermarket I could see orange balloons hanging in the air as if by a mystical hand. Unfortunately parking spaces are only 40 meaning that it is a continuous coming and going  waiting for the next free place, but it was all quite well organised in the Swiss way. I was thinking about actually entering the new supermarket with my wheelchair, but as I did not really have anything particular on the shopping list I just remained a spectator and took a few photos from outside.

Was this an ostentatious event? In a way yes, as it was in a place just on the borders of the town and neighbouring on housing estates. If you have a few odds and ends to fetch, just a bag full, this is now ideal, within walking distance and there is even a tanking station for your car gas.

RDP Saturday: Ostentatious

Good Morning


And I am back with my good morning greeting. Let us not get too excited but after having a quick check of this week’s programme I discovered only one small dental appointment for Mr. Swiss on Thursday morning so it looks like I can risk it. To celebrate my return, even the dawn brought a wonderful sunrise. Last week you have not missed anything special with sunrises. It was grey every day.

It was a hectic week fitting everything in: various journeys into town with Mr. Swiss, the normal shopping safari with a few extras in between and on top of it all I managed to have a head cold with an accompanying cough and nose running like a tap which did not improve my state of affairs. The cold is slowly clearning up, just an odd coughing fit now and again to remined me it was there and being a generous type, I have now passed it onto Mr. Swiss, although not so strong. I weakened it down for him.


So what has been happening in my part of the world? It seems to be getting prepared for Christmas everywhere and on my various little visits to town I managed to snap a photo here and there. Here they were organising the Christmas tree on our Amthausplatz. There are a few trees now positioned here and there with their decorations and lights. Of course it makes a good seasonal atmosphere, so why not, as long as the town can afford it. I even heard the sound of the salvation army band in the distance with their Christmas carols and one of the guys gave me an edition of their “Watchtower” to read.


The transformation of the electronic department has now been completed in my store. It used to be part of the store organisation, but has now been taken over by another company, also with 70% involved from the local store company. I know this company and they are mainly the online outlet for electronic goods. Yesterday I had a quick look, and it seems to be a store of the future for me.  There were a few assistants and otherwise just very neat tables with examples of smartphones, cameras and other such goods, each chained to the table.  You can try the goods and even buy them although they have no stock. You place your order and can pick it up the next day. In other words, I can do it just as well from home on the computer and also receive a day or two later without the inconvenience of re-visiting the store. The whole concept is a waste of space as far as I am concerned.


Otherwise the birds are still visiting, the usual gang, although I spotted someting a little different last week. If anyone recognises this one, please let me know. At first I though it might be a sparrow, but its feather patterns were a little more special. I had a look in my Swiss bird book and did not find it, although it could fall into various categories, perhaps finch.


Indoor plant life is also increasing and I decided to treat myself to a Schlumbergera, a christmas cactus. It looks quite healthy with plenty of buds. I have now had it a week at home and it has not lost any buds yet and seems to be quite happy.  The buds are slowly getting bigger, so I am hoping that they will soon be opening.

I must add that I was very touched by all the comments I received after my announcement of cold turkey with blogging and it really was cold turkey. How I would have loved to have written something but I had to forget the whole idea. The only time I touched the computer was for uploading a few photos. Sometimes life catches up with you and you have to take a pause and do some reorganising. As said the next week looks almost normal, but the week after, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday will be another “no go” with being here. On Tuesday afternoon I have my own dental appointment – just a repair job to replace an amalgam filling as I now only have a temporary repair after a piece of tooth made itself independent. On Wednesday afternoon I have to meet the authorities for some personal stuff involving the future and due to these appointments I will have to plan a shopping expedition on Monday to cover the whole week until Thursday when things should be back to normal again. Mr. Swiss still has one of two dental appointments to finish his job, but it seems that can be postponed a week, although the second December week I have a visit to the dental hygiene lady. Life can get very complicated when you become a golden oldie.

So enough is said. Let us not overdo my return, I have other things to attend to. I hope to return again today at some time, have to take it easy at the moment.  Enjoy the week-end and let us not overdo it. And my poinsettia is also growing well, both of them.