FOWC with Fandango: Lobby

Covered pavements in Bern
Bern, the capital town of Switzerland, is full of lobbies. It is built on a lobby system with passages leading to the entrances of the shops on the one side. On the other side there is the street. I had moved from Zürich to Solothurn and it was then my exploring of the Bernese streets began, as we have a direct train connection from Solothurn, just an hour’s journey.

I fell in love with Bern the first time I stepped out of the train with its many passages. Everything was sheltered. Who cares if it rains, you never get wet and do not even need an umbrella. Sometimes the passages are half empty and in the thick of the shopping centre, they can get quite crowded.

Pavement in Bern - covered

But who cares, the lobby style with its passages everywhere remains the same. It has nothing to do with politics, it is just the street style. I discovered that there are a few towns in the Kanton of Bern with a similar style.

After my love for Bern, I had another love. I met a Swiss guy and fell in love with him as well, just a little more than Bern and we are still together after 50 years. Now and again we would visit Bern for a shopping trip, or just sighseeing. In our golden oldie years we no longer travel so much, but have many good memories of the town

Covered pavement in Bern
FOWC with Fandango: Lobby

RDP Saturday: Imperceptible


This is a so-called walker, something for golden oldies that have walking problems. You can fill it up with your shopping (or not) and just hold on to it and push. You can even take your walking stick with you in the special holder at the side, although walking sticks are a thing of the past. We golden oldies no longer need them, we have the walker.

And now you are going for a walk, after all that is what walkers are for. You can even fold them up and fit them into the car boot, but that might be a problem. It is only the professionals, like myself, that know how to do it.

First of all remove the lid (permanently) to the boot. It might not look better, but is in the way of the walker. The next step is to collapse one of the back seats in the car. Hopefully you have two seats and not just a bench. A bench will not work. So now your car is ready for the walker.

Fold the walker together, grip the lower metal parts leading to the wheels and lift it into the car. You might find it heavy, but practice makes perfect and the muscles on your arms will begin to develop. When lifting keep the wheels at the bottom, push it into the boot and make sure that the top part of the walker occupies the space between the collapsed seat and the upright seat. So not forget to remove the stick holding part at the bottom before collapsing the walker. Otherwise it will dislodge itself and might disappear somewhere in the car, or even fall out of the car boot when you again want to remove the walker and can even be somewhere underneath the car. I have made my negative experiences with this phenomenon. And now you can drive off.

The next obstacle to be overcome is removing the walker from the car boot when you have arrived: no problem. Just do it all in reverse. Do not forget to activate the brakes when unpacking the walker, otherwise it might make itself independent.

This is my imperceptible task for today. I do not often take my walker with me to the store as I have the trolley in the supermarket. Today was only a quick safari for a few bits and pieces so I did it all with the walker. Mr. Swiss also has a walker. He is almost a qualified walker person now, under my guidance. You must be more careful with inserting two walkers in a car boot, but I am always ready to give a healping hand.

Yes we are a team, walking side by side, each with their own walker. By the way I just love the German word used for a walker. We call it a “rollator” and we really do roll, perhaps with a slight limp. What does this have to do with imperceptible. Well it is a slow process until you become an expert.

RDP Saturday: Imperceptible

Good Morning


When I stopped hugging the bed this morning I thought “another dull day” but as I was busy preparing my morning actions I notice a shy light arriving outside. My next action was to grab my mobile phone ready perhaps for a photo, and sure enough the sun was rising over the clouds. The second action was to return to the kitchen and get my Nikon DLSR with the zoom lens to get a closer view, although the sun was already retreating behind the clouds. However I shot a few photos and the action was finished. This is the photo from the phone, but everything seems to be there.


Otherwise not very much action this morning. The birds were all waiting with patience for me to fill the feeder(s). I now have to scatter some food on the path from the meadow to keep the big birds happy.

Yesterday was the Friday trip to the store for the weekend food. Mr. Swiss picked up the new glass frames that had been organised as the others as the hinge had broken off at the edge, so whilst I was touring from shelf to shelf in the food section, his new glasses were being fixed. I was glad to get it all behind me yesterday. It was a stress to actually get organised. Golden oldies tend to forget things when they go places, and I had to return home after just leaving as Mr. Swiss realised he had forgotten the eye glasses he needed. Despite the fact that we were later arriving yesterday afternoon at the store, I managed to make up for lost time somehow. Although we senior citizens do not have lost time, we just have time.


The green finches returned yesterday, so the other birds left. Somehow they have respect from these sharp beaked visitors, I think they are probably the bird mafia, and have first pickings, although it seems the food supply had already been emptied on this photo.


I treated myself to a poinsettia yesterday at the store. They had a large selection at reasonable prices and now it is the time of the year for a Christmas plant I suppose. I must admit I have pushed Christmas to one side over the last couple of years. It is not my thing (being a non believer), but the decorations and atmosphere are nice to have at the end of the year. Mr. Swiss and I decided an excursion into the hobby room would be an idea to see what we still have in decorations. I know we have two miniature Christmas trees and another one that even has music when it turns, so they will be retrieved.

I am really proud of No. 1 son as the moment. He is such a good help and has now cleared my front garden of the leaves from my Japanese maple and removed all the unwanted plants. I have been sorting stuff in the cellar and he told me yesterday he has put the 60 liter bag I filled into the garbage container. I was so pleased as I actually wanted to divide it into two bags as it was so heavy but he said it was no problem. It was full of shoes from my earlier days when I even went for walks. Today I am glad to have something comfortable for my feet and the only walks I do are with the supermarket trolley for support or in my wheelchair. Things are progressing with my removal of no longer needed articles.

And now to move on to the shower and other chores. Have a good day everyone, enjoy.