FOWC with Fandango:Diary


I so wanted a five year diary when I was at school. I think it was more the idea than anything else, but I got my five year diary for a Christmas present and then I embarked on the experience of writing every day for five years. I think it lasted for a few months, and the I discovered that I was doing the same every day. I was going to school, meeting a friend and perhaps visiting relations. I even wrote what I was eating.

I eventually gave up, but somehow I kept the diary. I discovered it again about ten years ago somewhere in a box at home. I had even brought it with me when I left England 55 years ago for Switzerland. Perhaps I might begin again one day again. There is a difference between being 12 years old and 73 years old.

And my daily efforts on WordPress? Isn’t that also a diary. I am writing a Good Morning greeting daily and telling the world the fantastic events that happen in my life. Now I have a computer, a camera and can leave my blueprint on the world. I do not think I will go down as the Samuel Pepys of the modern world, but one day an old computer might be found, dug up, and renovated and put in a museum. “Look” said the archeologist, “she has written daily what she does. There are photos of the places she visited, even her home and it looks like she had a cat. There were also birds feeding in the garden.”

“What’s a cat”, “What’s a bird” asked the others. “Forget it” said the ageing scientist. “They were animals from the past. They went first when the climate changed.”

So the scientist dusted off the computer, and put the hard disk into his collection for the museum. That night he felt sad. His last thought before sleeping was of the dinosaurs.

FOWC with Fandango: Diary

RDP Tuesday: Pomp

The first thing I thought of when I saw the subject was the last night of the Proms in the Albert Hall in London England. It is an annual custom for the Brits (us Brits I could say) and it brings back memories of mum and dad watching classical music on the TV, as an exception, with me when I was still in my younger years.

My cockney parents were not so much into classical music. I was, probably due to having piano lessons at school, and with the years I often visited the opera or even took part in various school excursions to classical concerts. However, the Proms concerts were something special, especially the Last Night of the Proms. The programme was set with the music and the great climax was Pomp and Cicumstance by Edward Elgar where everyone joined in to the words of “Land of Hope and Glory”. Unfortunately I never got to see it live, but tickets were hard to get and quite expensive.

My roots might have been working class and cockney, but they were all patriots, more than I was probably. When you live through two world wars and your dad took part in one of them on active service, then these things mean a lot.

I remember Sir Malcolm Sargent who was the conductor of the orchestra every year. He is naturally no longer, but has had many worthy successors, one being Sir Colin Davis who I often saw at the Sadlers Wells opera house conducting the orchestra. He too is no longer, I must be getting old.

Anyhow enjoy the music, the crowds at the last night still get a thrill from the music and really have fun. Classic music also has its charm.

RDP Tuesday: Pomp

Good Morning


The sunrise was a couple of hours ago of course, but I am a little later this morning as it is cleaning lady day and have a slightly different routine. I usually write my humble good morning words with breakfast on the side, but that was some time ago and I was busy polishing up a few windows. I even ventured into the garden to clear away some of the remains of summer.

I usually wait until the leaves droop from my hostas and I can just pull them out with  no extra energy needed.  I now have a pile of dead soggy leaves to dispose of, but will organise No. 1 son to do that for me. After lunch we are again on a visit to the glass and metal recycling bins. I usually sit in the car and No. 1 son puts the goods in the bins. We are quite well organised.


We were also busy moving furniture around yesterday. We put our previous settee in the living room and put one of the chairs in No. 1 son’s room and the other in my office. Our cat Tabby has already made herself at home on the settee.


And the chair is looking good in son’s room. It was quite a tough piece of work to move them all around, especially as Mr. Swiss was not able to help, but son and I managed to do it. I now have a little more room in my office, have the same chair as son No. 1 and my wheelchair fits much better in the room.

And that is all I have to say at the moment. I should now move to the kitchen and finish cooking lunch. In the meanwhile the cleaning lady has gone and I am still tidying up this and that. At the moment I have the Spring cleaning feeling, although it is Autumn and of course, any day now my second grandchild should be arriving. I expect a telephone any moment, you never know.


I discovered my Kodak pocket camera and am experimenting with the telescopic lens. Quite good for such a small camera.