RDP Thursday: Fumble

Bedroom, Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen

It’s fumbling time in the bedroom again, but this is not our  bedroom. It is the bedroom at the local castle, we do not have such tapestries on the wall. I decided not to show a photo of our bedroom.  There are somethings that are not necessary to be internetted and this is not Facebook where people seem to be proud of showing their bedrooms to the whole world.

We have Mrs. Angloswiss, who succeeds in losing her balance now and again and walks like something from the Ministry of funny walks in the Monty Python Show due to MS, and we have Mr. Swiss who has problems with his back. And now we have two beds needing fresh bed linen. Actually the basis is completed. The duvet and cushions have their new covers, the mattresses have been turn and the bed has been cleaned and dusted below.

There is one problem, that is the fitted sheets for the bottom of the bed. Neither can Mrs. Angloswiss or Mr. Swiss do this any more. We are now waiting for No. 1 son to arrive home from work to complete the job. We are no longer going to fumble with this bed making, it will now be a family effort, with No. 1 son doing the organizing. Our cleaning lady was going to do it, but she is ill this week and so we decided to do-it-ourselves.

The great fumble can begin, No. 1 son has just arrived. Wish us luck, otherwise we will have to book a hotel room for the night.

RDP Thursday: Fumble

Good Morning

Jura 12.12 (2)

There is snow on the Hasenmatt, the highest point in our Kanton, the mountain on the left of the photo. I did the memorable climb many years ago, when I was around 22 years old, with a friend. It is a steep walk, but one of the easier ones, otherwise I would never have done it. Of course you get a wonderful view of the surroundings from the top.

Solothurn cemetery 12.12.2018

It was very cold yesterday, temperatures did not rise very much higher than 0° C, even a little minus temperatures. It seems that the time is now here to wear one of my woolly hats. I decided to remain in the village and took a wheelie through the cemetery. I only saw about 2 or 3 other people there except for a couple of gardeners that were digging around in the grounds. The photo shows the flower tributes for the cremated plots.

Feldbrunnen Church 12.12.2018

I left the graveyard and entered the top part of the village and passed our church, which also has its own graveyard. You see I even have a choice if I need one. The sun is particularly clear at the moment, with now only a the normal clouds floating around, and bathes everything in a sharp lighting effect.

Castle Waldegg 12.12 (1)

On the way I passed the local castle up on the hill. This is part of the stairs leading upwards to the gardens. I had not taken this wheelie for some time and everything looked a little different in the oncoming winter months. the light was much clearer and it seemed that I was getting a spotlight on everything from above.

Horses 12.12 (1)

i eventually arrived at the stables. All the horses seeme to be there as I do not think that anyone would be riding at the moment in the cold air. Naturally they were all wearing their winter coats.

I wheeled on and notice this apple tree, still full of apples.

Apple tree 12.12 (2)

I was surprised to see so many apples still hanging on the tree that had not been gathered, but there was a reason for this – see more tomorrow.

And after my visit to the farm I decided it was time to go and seriously told myself to wear a hat the next time. Luckily I had the hood of my jacket which kept me warm. And then it happened. I was changing the lens on my camera. I had to take off one of the gloves and neatly dropped it on the ground. I could not reach it from my chair. I tried to stand up to get it, but realised that was not possible. Then I saw two young ladies approaching along the path. As soon as they were near enough I asked if they could give me my glove. Just a small event, but of course they obliged with a smile and a few words and I had my glove again. I can tell you your outlook on life changes when in other circumstances.

So now it was time to go. Not really very far, just across the main road and I would be home, but wait a minute. Something caught my eye in a field.

Mushrooms 12.12 (2)

You do not see mushrooms that size every day, so I had to get a photo.

But now it was time to go and enter the warmth of home again.

Yesterday morning I also had a trip to the supermarket, but this time with a little difference. I had been told of the special parking spaces for handicapped at the side entrance to the food department in the supermarket. I knew which way I should take my drive, and I arrived there, all of them being empty, a whole 5 places. I parked the car and discovered these spaces were even free, no charges and there were trolleys parked next to them. This was ideal. I parked the car, got my trolley and just walked through the entrance which lead me to the food department. It was so much easier, and no Russian roulette with being lucky to find an empty space. The disadvantage is that I cannot visit the flower department, but if I really wanted to I could take the lift down.

And that was the day’s adventures. This afternoon I have to see my neurologist, he wants to see me. That should be no problem as we have a car park near and there are always spaces available on the bottom floor. I will have to take my walker, as I have to walk to his surgery through part of the town.

And now to say goodbye, I have thing to do in the apartment. Have good day everyone, or sleep well, wherever you are. See you later. Yesterday as I finished my walk I saw the golden sun going down in the West.

Sundown 12.12 (1)