RDP Thursday: Fumble

Bedroom, Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen

It’s fumbling time in the bedroom again, but this is not our  bedroom. It is the bedroom at the local castle, we do not have such tapestries on the wall. I decided not to show a photo of our bedroom.  There are somethings that are not necessary to be internetted and this is not Facebook where people seem to be proud of showing their bedrooms to the whole world.

We have Mrs. Angloswiss, who succeeds in losing her balance now and again and walks like something from the Ministry of funny walks in the Monty Python Show due to MS, and we have Mr. Swiss who has problems with his back. And now we have two beds needing fresh bed linen. Actually the basis is completed. The duvet and cushions have their new covers, the mattresses have been turn and the bed has been cleaned and dusted below.

There is one problem, that is the fitted sheets for the bottom of the bed. Neither can Mrs. Angloswiss or Mr. Swiss do this any more. We are now waiting for No. 1 son to arrive home from work to complete the job. We are no longer going to fumble with this bed making, it will now be a family effort, with No. 1 son doing the organizing. Our cleaning lady was going to do it, but she is ill this week and so we decided to do-it-ourselves.

The great fumble can begin, No. 1 son has just arrived. Wish us luck, otherwise we will have to book a hotel room for the night.

RDP Thursday: Fumble

10 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Fumble

  1. I have a lot of trouble with fitted sheets. Ron gets upset when I try to put fresh bed linens on the bed because he knows I can hurt my self. I came up with something that works for me. I have a regular old box, I think shoes came in it, and I lift the front side of the mattress and stick the box under it. I then put the fitted sheet corner on and get it correct. I take the box out, and go to the other side and repeat this. Once the front corners are on and right, it is easy for me to do the bottom ones. I did get a laugh out of Ron when one day in frustration I told him I was going to get small air bags for under the mattress and an air pump to blow them up. Best wishes. Hugs


    • Good idea Scottie. I completed the job in five minutes with my No. 1 son. He has a talent for certain things, although he is autistic. I began the job and wanted to explain how to continue, he then took over and did it his way and we were all astonished. My shoe box is my No. 1 son – no problem.

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  2. I had a difficult time with fitted sheets when we had a king sized bed as the mattress was so heavy to lift. I bought a mattress wedge which I think probably works in the same way as the shoe box. It was very handy but when I bought myself a single bed I found that I didn’t need it so I sent it to a friend who had been having the same problem.

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    • We have two separate beds that are together. Queensized and Kingsized does not exist here. My son had no trouble to pur the sheet on each bed, so our problem is now solved for the time being.

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