FOWC with Fandango: Credit

Swiss Money

Today is Saturday: no shopping to do, and nothing that I have to do, just like to do. This morning after my stint on the computer and eating breakfast I had a little surf around to see what Facebook was doing, just a little daily amusement I have and then our local Co-op supermarket group invited me to take part in todays first Advent calendar game.

The prize is a credit card with 500 Swiss Francs to be used in the Co-Op. All I had to do was supply my telephone No. and answer a few silly questions, at least I thought so. Then I was told I was only half way there, and should call a special telephone to finish it all. Now I know what you are all thinking – a scam perhaps? It was not a scam because there were certain details that proved it was not. I must say I do not usually partake in these things, but for once I thought why not. And now the real work began.

I was connected on the computer to a site and had questions to answer, where I could click on A and B, so I began. Half an hour later I was finished, and must have had at least 100 questions to answer, of which I made 3 mistakes, but the lady on the phone said I was high up on the list blah blah blah, although the lady on the phone was a recording. Now when you are asked if bears make winter hibernation in Summer or Winter what do you answer. Exactly and I got that one wrong because it seems they hibernate in summer. I cannot remember the other two wrong answers. It seems if you win anything you will be contacted by phone. The prize is in the form of a plastic similar credit card which I know already, because you can  buy them in the stores, so there will be no manipulating with bank accounts.

And now I am waiting patiently for my telephone call at home to tell me I have won 500 swiss francs credit for goods in the Co-Op – yes I know, but you can always hope. I even lost half an hour this morning with this and we ate half an hour later. Must be a golden oldie thing.

FOWC with Fandango: Credit

RDP Saturday: Exult

Zebra Boutique Gurzelgasse 24.11.2018

I suppose someone was exulting when they walked past this boutique in town and saw that there would be 50% reduction off certain articles. It was proclaimed with exulting pink and black balloons.

Otherwise I do not exactly exult. Sounds like an oratorium performed in the church. They are always exulting about something or the other.

I must admit I have a little exultation daily when I finish writing my various prompts. Blogging has become a way of life for me, especially as I no longer work in a daily job. I like to do something, and my knitting days are no longer. I never wear wollen jumpers or jackets, far too hot and I feel uncomfortable. But the computer is always ready for a few exultations.

And so I write daily my blogs and answer various challenges, in WordPress. I have blogged around in a few places, but since the last 10 years I seem to have settled here. And when I have finished writing this one, my feline will take over and write her piece and afterwards I will move on to another place with a daily prompt.

So I will now go and have an exultation because this one is finished for today.


RDP Saturday: Exult

Good Morning

Christmas Cactus

The big news is that my first flower on the Christmas cactus opened yesterday, so you see what an exciting life I live. Today I should really do something about it and go places with the camera. I discovered I have nothing new to show except for a couple of photos i am keeping for something else somewhere. Since I now deal with stuff myself, time has become a factor on what I do and I now have less in the morning.

Mr. Swiss is not getting younger and he has walking problems, due to his back. He also wheels around at home now and again in his wheelchair. Unfortunately there is no operation or cure, it is just old age. We are both getting rusty. It was a film worth to see how we both managed to get our beds covered with new linen. I am now working out a plan, it is all a matter of logistics. Surprisingly I can still do a lot, although I am an MS person. My main problem is the surprises I might get when moving. Did you know, even a walking stick can get in the way of your feet? You learn a lot.

Tractor 30.11.2018

So yesterday we actually went shopping together, although I should have done it on my own, it would have saved some time. On the way on the road we had this monster in front of us belching out exhaust fumes into the air. As we passed it I realised it was just a normal tractor carrying a load and the exhaust pipe was vertical.

I had week-end shopping to do, which was also a marvel of planning knowing what we wanted to eat and getting it all together. This morning I discovered an extra bread which I did not buy. I do not know where it came from, but know that by the time we eat it, if ever, it will be on the hard and dry side – bird food. My new hobby is logistic and believe or not, I am saving, but that just happened. Since I do the shopping on my own I have a better idea of what we need and what we have.

Werkhofstrasse 30.11 (1)

We also passed this town villa on our way. We have a few of this sort of house in our area, built by the more affluent families of the past: In the background the Jura mountains.

I was so exhausted after the shopping trip and cooking lunch that my after dinner sleep was until almost 4.00 in the afternoon, although we ate about an hour later after everything was organised at home. We used to do the shopping and arrive home around 11.15 in the morning, but now it easily becomes midday. I know I am slower, but I am not a happy bunny. Yesterday I wanted to take a wheelie in the afternoon, but no chance. My “me” time is disappearing and I need it. Today is Saturday, so no shopping stress and I will have the time. I just hope it does not rain, which was also a disturbing factor yesterday.

Oh the days of golden oldie life are not fun. And now to move on to normal cleaning life in the apartment.

Jura 30.11.2018

Have fun and enjoy your week-end. I know I will – no shopping trips until Monday thank goodness.