FOWC with Fandango: Formidable

After learning French for six years this word “formidable” always got me confused. If you say it in English it means forbidding, inspiring fear. The French have the same word, prounounced a little differently as in the unforgettable song from Charles Aznavour meaning “wonderful”, so take your choice.

The French meaning of the word was always my choice. Moi, je suis formidable.

FOWC with Fandago: Formidable

Good Morning

Mornng Sky

And another rainy day where it is pouring down. It is not going to be a white Christmas (thank goodness), but a wet Christmas, so I can get cozy at home, not go anywhere or do anything. The fridge is full with two extra breads frozen in my second fridge in the laundry room and the cupboard is definitely not bare.

Today is Christmas Eve, the big Christmas day in Europe for those that celebrate. I used to when the family with four kids was at home, plus Swiss mother-in-law and my parents coming from England. We had a full house then and I did it all, keeping up the Christmas spirit with food and drink and cooking and wrapping gifts and giving eveyone a good time, although no-one really asked me if I was having a good time, which I was not, but did not really have the time to realise it. I think the seeds were sown then to ensure my aversion to the Christmas holiday, but you just had to grin and bare it.

Today no big deal: quiet and relaxed, although there is always someone that wants to spoil it for you.I do not intend to go anywhere until 27th December, when the days are over, but someone, who will not be mentioned, realised that his supply of cigarettes were diminishing. I did a quick check and this person can survive today until the late afternoon when No. 1 son could complete the task. I am not going anywhere. I don’t smoke and it is not my problem. Already the first Christmas excitement.

Due to rain I cannot even take a wheelie in my chair and our village life is not exactly the most exciting,  so nothing new on the photo front, To compensate I took a photo of cooker, at least it is colourful with the covering glass plates.


So that’s that for this morning, although not for today. I wish everyone happy holidays and peace and quiet in the turmoil of the season. No happy Christmas from me as I do not believe or celebrate such feasts. I just stick to the solstice stuff, that is a reality. I am off for a walk with the hoover and other housewife stuff. See you around later.